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Here you’ll find software that is useful in the radio studio, production booth, theatre, sports-ground, or just at home managing a music collection.  Solutions include: a jingle/sound-effects (DAC Cartwall) application, broadcast audio logger (SureLog), a studio clock/status display (StudioScreen), split advert/jingle playout (AdSplits), even a split-link recorder (SplitVT) that works with a variety of playout systems.  Click the image below to see a typical example of how my applications can interact within a studio environment.

Software from Charlie DavyFind AM/DAB/FM Stations+Transmitters in the UK using RadioLookup which shows transmitter sites, DAB multiplex info and also help identify spare frequencies.

Music Library Data : A set of data files are available which allow you to populate MyLibrary (and many playout systems) with information from your existing music files.

There are also some free applications for audio/jingle playout, music library management and studio utilities.