Here you’ll find software that is useful in the radio studio, production booth, theatre, sports-ground, or just at home managing a music collection.  Whether it’s a jingle/sound-effects (DAC Cartwall) application, broadcast audio logger (SureLog), AM/DAB/FM transmitter finder (RadioLookup), a studio clock/status display (StudioScreen), split advert/jingle playout (AdSplits) or even a split-link recorder (SplitVT) – there’s something here for community, commercial and internet broadcasters of all sizes.

Software from Charlie Davy

RadioLookup offers a way to use Ofcom’s TXParams data to search for specific stations/transmitters in the UK.

For music library data, you can purchase a set of JMD data files which allow you to populate MyLibrary with information from your existing music.  FREE MyLibrary licence when you purchase the JMD files!

USB Fader-Start Joystick InterfaceThe USB Fader-Start Interface can be found here – adds 10 button inputs to control your playout software allowing for start/stop/next etc.  Can also be used with StudioScreen to control “On-Air” LEDs.

Free applications like DACFree (free cartwall software), USB LEDs etc can be found here – please note that free applications are not supported and offered “as is”.

I have also been known to produce custom solutions for a variety of broadcasters. Stations large+small have come to me to solve a particular problem or simply to offer an alternative view/solution.  Chances are, you’ve used something of my making without even knowing it.  I have a full schedule right now so unable to undertake any new projects.