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Here you will find software that's mostly used for audio/broadcast and ranges from music/jingle playout, database management, scheduling, recording and editing.  Users include community/commercial/internet radio stations, home-studios and even sports venues.  All of the software offered here can be downloaded and given a test-drive prior to purchase - help files are included with the programs but also available here.

DAC Cartwall  - Plays jingles, sound-effects and even music.  Offers 56 buttons per page, 10 pages per Cartwall Set and an unlimited number of Cartwall Sets.  Instant access to all of your jingles and sound-effects.  Play them instantly or load into a player.

Great for home studios, radio stations, outside events - even in the theatre or sports ground for spot-effects.  Offers remote-starts via your mixer, text log file of played tracks and even UDP remote-control.  Use up to 5 channels/faders or even a 7.1 soundcard for 3x stereo outputs.

Probably the most flexible and easy-to-use Cartwall software available...

Designed to run on a wall-mounted flat-screen, StudioScreen offers a VU Meter/status indicator, large analogue clock and OnAir/Phone signalling plus a "now playing" display.  It can also accept incoming UDP commands from a playout system allowing you to designate an LED to your "traffic flag" status or other alert status.

Basic Licence offers VU Meter, Clock, Now Playing and 1 "OnAir" LED.  The Pro Licence adds LEDs 2,3,4 plus UDP remote control.  Both licences allow for simple control via fader-start/contact-closure either from a joystick module or K8055 USB interface.

SureLog - Broadcast audio logger.  It's probably a condition of your licence to record your station's output.  SureLog records MP3/WAV in continuous or hourly files plus fader-start to aircheck/snoop your presenters etc.

Includes dead-air logging, a playback app for reviewing audio logs as well as UDP control allowing you to start/stop the logging from your playout system.

SoundFusion has been designed for Community Radio, RSL (Restricted Service Licence), School Radio and Hobby Broadcasters who require a radio-friendly way of playing music/jingles but without the additional features (and costs) associated with a professional playout application.

M3U Playlists can be loaded+saved, files can be dragged from a searchable Database and there's an array of HotKeys for playing-in jingles and sound-effects.  A simple Segue Editor allows you to tighten the overlaps between tracks.  The main Playlist/Player features 2 outputs channels (A+B), with HotKeys, Files/Library PFL and Waveform Editor/Recorder all having their own output device.

MyLibrary is an intelligent file tagger and library application - add APE/ID3 tags, broadcast CartChunk labels and export to CSV or M3U playlists.

You can also add extra details like Intro/Segue times, EndType, Opener and Category.  Auto-detect CueIn and Segue/Outro points based-upon audio threshold - Best of all, this data can be exported directly to TEN playout systems including BCX3, Dalet, EncoDAD, Genesys, Myriad, mAirList, StationPlaylist.  You can also import into Natural Music or Powergold schedulers.

It can even scan your music tracks for BPMs - great if you wish to catalogue your songs via BeatsPerMinute...


Updates etc...

New : DACFree - Free version of DAC Cartwall but with a few less features...

Behringer DX2000 Modified Mixer
A great little mixer for a home-studio, OB truck or news/production room.  Adds high-quality Alps N (or K) faders, coloured fader knobs plus remote start, clean-feed and off-air Mic/Tel record bus.

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Online Help Files available for most applications - no more downloading, just click and view via your browser...

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Every application is available as a demo download via its individual page along with a complete list of files on the Download Zone.

Until registered, most applications run for 30-minutes at a time.  Discounts for multiple purchases and licences are available - Please ask for details.

Activation Keys are processed manually - You need to apply for a licence after purchase.  If you've not got your unlock code, see "Why haven't I received my activation key?" for a reason why.

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