Here you’ll find a variety of software that is useful in the radio studio, production booth, theatre/sports-ground, or just at home for managing a music collection.  Whether it’s a jingle/sound-effects application, broadcast logger, or even a wall-mount clock/status display – there’s something here for community, commercial and internet broadcasters of all sizes.

All of the software can be downloaded and tested prior to purchase – help files are included with the programs but also available here for reading online.

DAC Cartwall – is for playing jingles, sound-effects, news clips and even music.  Offers 56 buttons per page, 10 pages per Cartwall Set and an unlimited number of Cartwall Sets giving you almost instant access to your audio.  Touch to play them instantly or load into a player for manual start/stop.

Great for home studios, radio stations, outside events – even in the theatre or sports ground for spot-effects.  Offers remote-starts via your mixer, text log file of played tracks and even UDP remote-control.  Use a single soundcard or route each player to a separate device – even a cheap 7.1 soundcard gives you 3x stereo outputs!  DAC is probably the most flexible and easy-to-use Cartwall software available…

StudioScreen Audio Alerts - click to see a larger image...Designed to run on a wall-mounted flat-screen, StudioScreen offers 2x stereo VU Meters, silence alert, large analogue clock and OnAir/Phone signalling plus a “now playing” display.  It can also accept incoming UDP commands from a playout system allowing you to designate an LED to your “traffic flag” status or other alert status.

A cheaper “Basic” licence offers stereo VU Meter, Clock, Now Playing text and 1 “OnAir” LED.  The Pro Licence adds another VU Meter, LEDs 2,3,4 plus UDP network/remote control and now includes RSS news and weather temperature displays.

Both licences allow for simple control via fader-start/contact-closure either from a USB Fader-Start Interface or K8055 USB interface.

SureLog is an audio logging application for your radio station.  It’s probably a condition of your licence to record your station’s output – or perhaps you just want an easy way of grabbing your presenter’s links for podcasts/promos?  SureLog records MP3/WAV in continuous or hourly files plus via fader-start to aircheck/snoop your presenters etc.

Includes dead-air logging, a playback app for reviewing audio logs as well as UDP control allowing you to start/stop the logging from your playout system.

MyLibrary is an intelligent file tagger and library application – add APE/ID3 tags, broadcast Cart Chunk labels and export to CSV or M3U playlists.  You can mark Intro/Segue points, plus EndType, Opener and Category.

It will auto-detect CueIn and Segue/Outro points based-upon audio threshold and all of this data can be exported directly to TEN playout systems including BCX3, Dalet, EncoDAD, Genesys, Myriad, mAirList, RCS Zetta, StationPlaylist and more.  You can also import into Natural Music or Powergold schedulers.  It can even scan your music tracks for BPMs.  Why not also purchase a collection of over 14,000 JMD Data Files for your own music library?  See this page for details…

SplitVT Split Voice-Track Recording SoftwareSplitVT does exactly what it says on the tin: It allows a presenter to record voice-tracks for split transmission.  Using a simple audio recorder/editor interface, it offers quick recording options, basic editing and a DJ-friendly timing/countdown display to help get each “split” VT timed perfectly.

Presets for popular Cart Numbers are provided making it really easy to record splits into Myriad and Zetta.  Up to 4 splits are offered at this time – more planned, subject to interest.

Demo now available to prospective users – see the product page for details…

See the menus at the top of the page for different types of broadcast software – there’s audio players, utilities, free applications and hardware solutions for your studio.