Here you’ll find software that is useful in the radio studio, production booth, theatre, sports-ground, or just at home managing a music collection.  Whether it’s a jingle/sound-effects application, broadcast audio logger, AM/DAB/FM transmitter finder, a studio clock/status display, split advert/jingle playout or even a split-link recorder – there’s something here for community, commercial and internet broadcasters of all sizes.

Alongside my own efforts which you can try (and buy), I have been known to produce custom solutions for a variety of broadcasters. Stations large+small have come to me to solve a particular problem or simply to offer an alternative view/solution.  Chances are, you’ve used something of my making without even knowing it.

MyLibraryMyLibrary – Audio Tagger and Playout/Scheduler Import Tool

Take an MP3 or WAV music file.  Actually, take 1000, set the various properties: Genre, Year, Intro/Segue, Tempo.  Next you’ll want to import it into your favourite playout software.  Then you may want to import it into a different playout system.  With MyLibrary, you can.

Set audio attributes, export to APE, CartChunk, ID3 as well as CSV/TXT outputs.  Load M3U playlists, drag’n’drop from a folder, search, sort and tag information to a variety of formats.

MyLibrary can auto-detect CueIn+Segue points as well as BPM and determine the “EndType” of a track.  A range of mass-change options allow for tweaking of files/tags.

Supported: AudioEnhanceDPS, AutoTrack, BCX3, Dalet, Enco DAD/Presenter, Genesys, mAirList, Natural Music, PlayoutONE, Powergold, PSquared AutoTrack/Myriad, RCS NexGen/Selector/Master Control/Zetta, StationPlaylist Creator/Studio.

If you don’t want to set intro/segue points, years, tempos, styles etc then I also offer a set of data files which can match your own audio files based upon an identical filename.

Cartwall / Hot-Key Player

DAC Cartwall is in use at many locations from home-studios, community radio to larger commercial broadcasters as well as the BBC.  It’s also perfect for outdoor events as well as spot-effects in theatres.

Each “Set” offers 10 pages of 56 buttons plus an unlimited number of “Sets” giving you almost instant access to your audio.  Create a Set for each show, presenter or daypart – Buttons can be coloured for easy recognition and then played instantly or loaded into a “deck” for manual start/stop. Automatic ducking/fading and player sequencing also supported.  Drag ‘n’ drop or use the built in database to import, sort, search and play audio effortlessly.

Play MP3/WAV audio from your local C: drive, USB stick or network share.  Reads CartChunk, ID3 tags and JMD/MyLibrary.  There’s even remote-start, a text log file of played tracks and UDP network control..  Even if you already have a playout system, DAC is a great way of allowing your presenters to load their own audio from memory-sticks for specialist shows, news programmes etc without disrupting your main playout system.

USB Remote-Start InterfaceUSB Joystick Remote-Start Interface

Take control of your playout software with my USB Remote-Start Interface which acts as a joystick to control a variety of playout software.  It can be used with any mixer that features “fader-start” buttons, eg: DX1000, DX2000, XB14 or Sonifex S2 and other “pro” consoles.  The unit can also display status alerts (such as mic-live “On-Air”) from StudioScreen.

This design offers a 10-input joystick interface which can be used with DAC Cartwall, mAirList, Myriad etc.  It plugs into any spare USB port which also serves as a power source.  Runs under Windows 7, 8 and 10, measures 10x10x5cm and includes a 1m USB cable.  UK+EU shipping available

StudioScreen Audio Alerts - click to see a larger image...Clock, Status and Now Playing Display

Designed to run on a wall-mounted flat-screen, StudioScreen offers stereo VU Meters, silence alert, large analogue clock plus OnAir/Phone signalling and a “now playing” display.  It accepts incoming UDP commands from a playout system allowing you to designate an LED to your “traffic flag” status or other alert.

A cheaper “Basic” licence offers a single VU Meter, Clock, Now Playing text and 1 “OnAir” LED.  The Pro Licence adds another VU Meter, LEDs 2,3,4, UDP network/remote control, RSS news and weather temperature displays.

Both licences allow for simple control via fader-start/contact-closure via joystick (such as my USB Joystick Interface) or Vellemen K8055.