This is a simple application that lets you create advert logs via drag ‘n’ drop – Just drop audio files into the main window, add Break Markers to separate each Ad-Break (even transmitter codes) – then export to the format of your choice.

AdLogGen is NOT a scheduling program, but simply a playlist editor!

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It’s been designed as a go-between app for traffic scheduling and those who wish to manage AdLogs away from their (often expensive) traffic management software. It can be used to create (from scratch) simple advert logs for import into various playout systems (such as Myriad) – You can import a simple M3U playlist (perhaps from StationPlaylist Creator) and then export it to a more advanced format, such as Myriad’s AdLog, RCS, etc. Once you’ve got an AdLog created, you can save it with all of the details an easily open it again later for editing.

  • Drag ‘n’ drop audio files (from any Windows folder) to make Advert logs
  • Define Break Markers, Transmitter Codes – great split ads on Myriad Network and RCS Zetta
  • Open and directly edit Myriad AdLogs, then save back to Myriad (or Myriad Network)
  • Imports M3U – eg: StationPlaylist Creator
  • Reads ID3v2 and CartChunk tags
  • Built-in File Browser which can read the files in your playout system (eg: CartChunk)
  • Export to a variety of formats: CSV, M3U, mAirList TPI (ExtID and/or Filename), Myriad, RCS V15Native
  • Copy/Paste items to easily create a whole day’s worth of advert schedules
  • Will interface with my playout software (or JMD files) to retrieve Cart Numbers allowing you to turn a “domestic” folder+filename M3U file into a professional AdLog using Cart/Cut Numbers.