AdSplits Split Advert SoftwareWhether you need to play a different advert (or jingle) on your DAB feed, run split news/travel bulletins to different areas – or even run a totally different programme online while your local FM service carries the local sports game: AdSplits is the solution.

AdSplits offers unlimited split feeds per licence/workstation –  Whether you need to separate DAB+FM, or run 6 feeds during a network show: It’s easy to assign control and see what’s happening.  The only limit is the number of audio outputs (and CPU/RAM) on the computer!

The AdSplits package comprises of 2 applications:

  • Master/Server
    Listens for incoming GPIO (contact-closure), RS232 or UDP commands and sends a macro to all available/matching split clients
  • Client/Player
    This is the actual player which loads the daily/hourly adlogs and reacts to control commands sent to it from “Master”.  The new audio system allows you to use a 7.1 surround-sound device in multi-speaker mode giving you 3x stereo outputs (ie: 3 splits) on a cheap “domestic” card.

AdSplits Split Advert Playout - Block DiagramIn order to add more split services, just make a copy of the AdSplitsClient.exe and rename it to match the name of the split service, eg: Hot Hits DAB.  This creates a separate config file which you edit to match that service’s audio/path settings and away you go.  When sending a UDP command (ie: from Myriad), the command string can simply be SPLIT_GO or include the actual split-service names if you want to control *some* of the available splits.

When using my Bravo playout software, integration is a little smoother: You can take control of certain split feeds whilst another studio controls the rest (very Genesys!) – with all splits playing on the same machine, subject to available audio devices.

Logs can be simple M3U created via drag’n’drop or StationPlaylist Creator as well as native read/write of Myriad’s AdLog format with breaks automatically created during loading.  A Periodic scan is performed to ensure that ad-logs are up-to-date and audio is available for playback.  At present, during automated hours, your playout system would need to run a silent file (or react to a stop marker) before AdSplits send a “resume” command back to it.

To handle minor differences in advert durations, the gap between each advert can be adjusted automatically to ensure that all splits end at the same time.  There is no stretch/shrink at this time.

Remote Display (free!)
Timing information is handled by AdTime which is free and runs on any computer with network connectivity to the Splits machine.  AdTime displays a real-time countdown of each split plus x items or last item so you know how much content each split has left to play.

AdTime Split Advert Timing DisplayAdTime has a simple config screen to quickly change the splits being monitored – up to 8 “profiles” are supported each offering up to 8 remote-split monitors.  This makes it ideal for studios that often drive different services/networks.  The software is window-less and is “always on top” so can be overlayed with your playout software, clock screen or just run on a desktop machine.

Remote monitoring of AdSplits and Bravo are directly supported along with basic support for mAirList (v6) “player” status+timing.

Availability of AdSplits: This software is designed for stations of a particular size/infastructure so is not available to “home” users.  Please get in touch if you wish to try this software – a demo is available upon request from bona-fide radio stations.  Price is per workstation on a custom basis.