AdSplits Split Advert SoftwareWhether you need to play a different advert (or jingle) on your DAB feed, run split news/travel bulletins to different areas – or even run a totally different programme online while your local FM service carries the local sports game: AdSplits is the solution.

The Help file is now available to view here…

AdSplits offers unlimited split feeds per licence/workstation –  Whether you need to separate your DAB+FM transmitters, or split to 6 feeds during a network show: It’s easy to assign control and see what’s happening.  The only limit is the number of audio outputs (and CPU/RAM) on the splits computer.

The AdSplits package comprises of 2 applications:

  • Master/Server
    Listens for incoming GPIO (contact-closure), RS232 or UDP commands and sends a macro to all available/matching split clients
  • Client/Player
    This is the actual player which reacts to control commands sent to it from “Master”.  The audio system allows you to use a 7.1 surround-sound device in multi-speaker mode giving you 3x stereo outputs (ie: 3 splits) on a cheap “domestic” card.  A main “advert log” playlist and 3 “instant” players are provided.

AdSplits Split Advert Playout - Block DiagramIn order to add more split services, just make a copy of the AdSplitsClient.exe and rename it to match the name of the split service, eg: Hot Hits DAB.  This creates a separate config file which you edit to match that service’s audio/path settings and away you go.  When sending a command (from your playout system), the command string can be as simple as SPLIT GO which is then passed on to the “Clients” under control (from that playout system/studio).

A “Master” can accept incoming control/trigger commands from multiple studios allowing a single computer to run, for example, 3x 3-way split feeds controlled from 3 different studios.  This means that only a single “START ADS” macro needs to be defined no matter which split/s you are controlling – very useful if a studio regularly networks to different services.

Here’s an example of that arrangement:

AdSplits Network Splits example

Logs can be M3U files created via drag’n’drop or StationPlaylist Creator.

The RS232/UDP protocol is open-source and detailed in the help file – this means that you can use a variety of hardware/software to handle the “on-air” control between “Studio” and “Master” such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Windows/Linux.

SplitMon Remote Display (free 2-split monitoring, and included in the AdSplits package)
Timing information is offered “in studio” by SplitMon which is free for up to 2 split displays and runs on any computer with network connectivity to the Splits machine.  SplitMon displays a real-time countdown of each split plus x items or last item so you know how much content each split has left to play.

SplitMon Split Advert Timing DisplaySplitMon has a simple config screen to quickly change the splits being monitored – up to 8 “profiles” are supported each offering up to 20 remote-split monitors.  This makes it ideal for studios that often drive different services/networks.  The software is window-less and is “always on top” so can be overlayed with your playout software, clock screen or just run on a desktop machine.

With the additional of a special “notification script”, SplitMon can also display activity from mAirList players in real-time.

TXSet (free, and included in the AdSplits package)
Is a control application to handle routing of splits in a studio environment – You select the splits “Master” and then its associated “Clients”.  Once selected, any commands are sent to the relevant splits.

Availability of AdSplits: This software is designed for stations of a particular size/infastructure so will not be available to “home” users.  Price will be on a case-by-case basis (subject to usage etc).

This is all the information I have to share at present.