USB/RS232 Audio Switcher

Taking an external news feed or switching any other stereo audio source “to air” can often require expensive rack-mounted hardware.  Not any more – My USB/RS232 Audio Switcher is a simple and cost-effective solution to having feeds like Sky News, outside broadcasts and other sources routed to air via a command from your playout system.

The box reacts to serial strings which makes it possible to control from most playout systems – Macros supported include: On, Off and Timed.  The Timed function enables the audio switch for the duration specified. It can also be controlled via GPIO contact-closures from any hardware card/relay.

The unit is the same size as my USB Fader Start Interface and is designed for semi-pro installations that do not require (or have) a 19″ rack panel.  The box is designed to be placed near a computer, limited by the length of the USB cable.


  • Connects to computer via USB (for control and power)
  • RS232/Serial Port interface for control: On, Off, Timed
  • 6.35mm balanced sockets for audio input+output
  • 3x phono sockets for direct on/off toggle (On, Off, On/Off/On/Off etc)
  • Control from mAirList, Myriad, StationPlaylist Studio, RCS Zetta etc
  • Ethernet connectivity planned for a future release

Command Macros

The following commands are supported via RS232/Serial from most playout systems:

  • AUD0 : Turn audio off
  • AUD1 : Turn audio on
  • TAUDnnn : Turn audio on for nnn seconds, eg: TAUD122 will turn the audio on for 120 seconds (2min, 2sec) for a news feed

Availability and Price : Prototype under test with units expected to ship during April 2018.
Cost is likely to be around £100 including UK shipping.  Sales to EU locations around 120 Euros.

More details, including pictures, will be posted here when they are available…