Bravo is a playout application for radio studios – It can be used for simple live-assist or automated playout. Not only does it work as a standalone solution, but can control (and react to) AdPlay for split/slave playout of regional commercials and branding. It can be driven by a simple M3U playlist or a CSV file from a music scheduler. It also supports drag ‘n’ drop. One of Bravo’s main attractions (aside from the price) is compatibility with my other programs such as DAC Cartwall.  An audio library can be shared between these applications so would be suited to a multi-studio setup.

Bravo Playout Software - previewSmart-Networking allows presenters to press a button (or hit “Next”) to being split/slave playout of adverts/jingles – A simple On-Air toggle page allows you to select which destinations/outputs you are on-air to as well which remote AdPlay/Bravo workstations you wish to control. Visual feedback is provided and 4 remote timers are always visible on screen. Of course, if you just want to play radio in your home studio using drag ‘n’ drop then Bravo is great for that, too!

Features :

  • Players able to cross-fade 2 items, eg: bed+tag on same player/fader
  • HotKey “Sets” handle up to 10 pages each (that’s 240 buttons per Set!)
  • HotKeys or OnAir Routing shown on right of screen (playlist always visible)
  • OnAir Routing and Split/Slave Controller – sends an XML-formatting UDP macro when a studio takes/releases control or issues a command event. A companion 19″ hardware solution (Arduino/Raspberry Pi) could be used to interpret those commands and switch relays accordingly.
  • 4 Slave/Splits always visible when “on-air”
  • Command/Macros integrated into Playlist and HotKeys – send a command (eg: StartAds) to all available slaves/splits
  • Analogue Clock on top status-bar
  • Playlist CSV and LOG formats (to support Segue Edits and other unique playlist tweaks)

New Features – still to come

  • Ability to record “split links” and send to each slave for automated playout (see separate SplitVT application)
  • Auto-Importer – A way of getting audio into your playout system without manual intervention, eg: news, pre-recorded shows
  • New “Stopping in…” counter giving you a clear idea until the next playlist break-point
  • Intelligent “Now Playing” – broadcasting a pre-recorded show?  You’ll be able to add song titles into its properties so that as the songs play, your website/stream are also updated

The new split/slave capabilities allow any Bravo studio to go to air on any combination of transmitters/feeds and control that AdPlay/Bravo machine via a single command event. No more stacking of multiple macro commands, just 1 playlist event/hotkey touch and it’s sent to each split automatically – with the first 4 splits always visible, you’ll always know what’s going on even when you can’t see the actual machines in the studio. You can also use uScreen to display (and control) Split machines.

These split/network features use XML over UDP and are completely open-source allowing you to use whatever equipment at the receiving end will interpret the data strings.

Playlist Format
Industry standard M3U is supported which means you can feed Bravo from most scheduling packages (like StationPlaylist Creator, Music1, Powergold etc). The format is simply path+filename on each line, eg:


Hour Markers and Text Notes are also quite straightforward, and the Help file explains how to schedule them – but here’s a few examples:


These can easily be formatted in StationPlaylist Creator – see my Clock/Rotation example and the Playlist Format.