ButtonPanel - click to see a larger versionButtonPanel is a simple jingle and sound-fx player.  It offers a multipage window with overlap/fade audio modes and a quick ‘n’ easy way of playing DJ Jingles, Drops, Effects etc. The Set files are directly compatible with DAC Cartwall and uDAC allowing you to share pages with other systems/users.

Looking for a Windows 8 tablet? Try the Linx 7, 8 or 10 from £85  Yes, it’s now come to the point where a complete Windows tablet is cheaper than a standalone 7″ touchscreen – So you can take your whole studio+audio with you in a 7″-10″ solution.


  • 800×600 native resolution – great for 7″ USB “mini” touch-screens or Windows 8 tablets
  • Works with a touch-screen for quick-fire use
  • GUI can be skinned using MSStyles
  • 10 pages of buttons per Set
  • Set files are directly compatible with Bravo and, DAC Cartwall
  • Assign the players to any sound device
  • Supports MP2, MP3 and WAV formats
  • Re-sizable window allows for any screen resolution
  • Drag ‘n’ drop files from any Windows Explorer window direct to a button

As featured in John Bisset’s article on Radioworld.com!


ButtonPanel v1.20 Setup
Full installation for first-time users – can be run over an existing installation without losing any settings…

This is a FREE application and offered “as-is” with no support whatsoever.

Other applications

DAC Cartwall is a more featured cartwall application with multiple pages/sets, remote-start and a waveform editor/recorder – check it out here! … uDAC (micro-DAC) is also ideal for a 7″ USB touchscreen… More details here