If you’re looking for something specific on this site and can’t find it via a menu/link (every page is linked in the menu) – you can use the search box (much quicker than e-mailing me).  Software sales terms are fair and (hopefully) quite straightforward. Information about Free/Archive applications can be found here.

My software is written for the Windows operating system.  I cannot help you with emulators or other platforms.  Please note that some of my applications have a compressed EXE file which may cause enthusiastic virus-scanners to complain.

Software Question?  Bug Report?

Most of my applications come with a help file so the answer can nearly always be found there – Many of these are also available online which allow you to view the documentation in your web-browser without needing to install the software.  When reporting an issue, please include as much detail as you can about the problem: your computer details, software version and steps to replicate the fault.  If I can replicate a fault my end, there’s a good chance I can fix it.

Typical Usage Scenario: Software Use Example - click for a bigger image...Here’s a basic idea of how my software can be used with in a studio environment with a playout system like mAirList – click for a larger image.

A number of applications can be used to provide an extensive broadcasting setup: DAC Cartwall handles instant audio like effects, jingles and even commands to play “split” content.  You can monitor the status of (up to 30) splits via SplitMon as well as control any number of routing assignments via open-source RS232/IP protocol.  Documentation is provided within the AdSplits help file.


I use Nochex as a secure payment gateway who accept all major credit/debit cards – this suits most personal users and small stations but if you would prefer to pay via Bank Transfer (along with an invoice for your records) – that’s fine.  Payments from UK banks are normally instant whilst EU/International typically take 3-5 business days to reach me.

Contacting Me

I’m unable to help with generic engineering questions about third-party hardware/software unless it involves interfacing it to a product of mine.  To contact me for sales/support on hardware/software found on this site – including activation keys, please use this e-mail address: