If you’re looking for something specific on this site and can’t find it via a menu/link – try the search box. If it’s not on this site, then I don’t do it.  Software sales terms aim to be fair and straightforward. All my paid-for software runs in some sort of “demo” mode (eg: time-limit and/or some restrictions) allowing you to try before committing to a purchase.

Information about Free/Archive applications can be found here.

Most applications come with a help file so the answer can nearly always be found there – Many of these can be read via your browser here.  When reporting an issue, please include as much detail as you can about the problem: your computer details, software version and steps to replicate the fault.  Please check to make sure that you’re using the most recent version of the software before reporting an issue – the help files contain “release notes” which detail changes/fixes and may be worth reading first.

Until you make a purchase, support from me will be limited to answering questions like can I do xxx?” rather than how do I do xxx?”.  I am happy to help you ascertain if the software will do what you need it to, but further assistance over and above the supplied “help” file is for registered users only.  “Support” is not the guarantee of adding a feature (or making a change) to the software – but you are welcome to make suggestions.

Contacting Me

Any support from me will be Monday-Friday, on a “best effort” basis and subject to my other commitments.  Activation Keys are the exception and I’ll try to send these back to you as soon as I see the registration details from you.

My life sadly leaves little time for casual tinkering, coding and e-mail writing – so please understand that I may not be able to reply to every e-mail I receive and I certainly cannot assist with custom projects or generic engineering questions, sorry!