If you’re looking for something specific on this site and can’t find it via a menu/link (every page is linked in the menu) – you can use the search box (much quicker than e-mailing me).  Software sales terms are fair and (hopefully) quite straightforward.

Software Question?  Bug Report?  The Help file is your friend

Most applications have extensive documentation so the answer can nearly always be found there.  Many of the help files are online which allow you to view the documentation in your web-browser so you don’t even need to install the software.  When reporting a “problem”, include as much detail as you can about the problem, your computer details and steps to replicate the fault.

I write my software for the Windows operating system.  I cannot help you with emulators or other platforms.


I use Nochex as a secure payment gateway and most major credit/debit cards are accepted – this suits most personal users and small stations but if you would prefer to pay via Bank Transfer (along with an invoice for your records) – that’s fine.  Payments from UK banks are normally instant whilst EU/International typically take 3-5 business days to reach me. I do not accept PayPal.

Contacting Me

  • Please write in English.
  • Put a (short, not a sentence) subject on the message – Spam filters generally don’t like “no subject” e-mails.
  • No attachments larger than 3MB unless I specifically request it.
  • Please do not send me reminders : Messages are dealt with in the order they arrive.
  • I only support stuff I write, create or make (unless it involves connecting it to a third-party app) – click here for my help files.

Custom Hardware/Software : Fully booked, so unable to undertake any custom work at this time.  If you have a non-urgent enquiry for something and wish to find out if I can do it and when, please get in touch.  Minor mods/tweaks+updates to my existing software remains unaffected.

To contact me regarding hardware/software on this site: