DAC Cartwall

DAC CartwallImagine being able to instantly play a jingle, sound effect, news-clip or music track at the touch of a button (or finger)…

DAC Cartwall is an easy-to-use jingle player that offers multiple pages of instant audio buttons ready for quick playback or loading into a dedicated player. It can read from a variety of tag formats allowing for easy integration with an existing automation system.

Although DAC works best when used on a touchscreen, navigation can be accomplished via mouse as well as F1/F2/F3 to start/stop the playback decks.  Remote-start via joystick is also possible.

DAC offers lightning-fast navigation of jingle pages and instant audio playback: 56 buttons per page, 10 pages per “Set” and an unlimited number of Sets allow for near-instant audio load+playback of 1000s of jingles/clips.  Items can be loaded into 1 of 3 “Decks” or your can enable the “Instant” mode to touch ‘n’ play instantly.

It’s a great way to allow your presenters flexibility in playing their own audio/tracks (perhaps from a USB stick) without “upsetting” your existing playout system.

Click here for Downloads…

You can have as many cart pages (or “Sets”) as you need – Station IDs, Liners, Promos, Jock Drops and even Sound Effects or News Clips.  DAC is in use at thousands of places – including college/university stations, community radio, theatres, stadiums playing everything from news inserts, quiz/sport/theatre sound-effects to jingles on a major-market breakfast show.


  • GUI can be skinned using MSStyles… No more “battleship grey”click here for some examples
    Download a selection of usable skin files here
  • 10 pages per Cart Set
  • 56 Instant Audio Buttons per page
  • 3 Playback Decks for loading audio plus an “instant” player
  • Assign the players to any sound device
  • Works with any USB audio mixers such as Behringer DX2000, D&R Airmate etc
  • Touch-screen friendly for quick-fire use
  • Database Browser with extensive library search/sort and on-screen keyboard
  • Auto-Segue based on audio threshold – allowing smooth sequence of playback decks
  • Intro Countdown on Playback Decks
  • Re-sizable window allows for most screen resolutions
  • VU Meters
  • Ducking Mode – Decks can duck while the Instant Playing is playing – Ideal for playing news clips/liners over a talk-bed
  • Built-in Recorder/Editor for off-air production or telephone recording
  • Administrator Login option to prevent presenters from tampering with the settings/jingle sets
  • Can maintain a log of all played audio to a text file
  • Drag ‘n’ drop files from Windows to a button/Player
  • Plays APE, FLAC, MP3 and WAV audio files
  • APE/ID3 and CartChunk Artist/Title support
  • Clone Button feature for easily duplicating button colours on a large Set
  • Remote-Starts via analogue/USB joystick – start the 3 players from your mixer. Pulse or continuous logic supported
    Click here for a wiring diagram
    The Velleman K8055N USB interface is also supported
  • Remote-Control via RS232 strings
  • Remote-Control via UDP – control DAC from a playout system, remote-computer, smartphone or even your own RaspberryPi GUI (eg: guest/remote presenter).
  • Sends UDP commands to control split-playout (such as AdSplits) and other hardware