This download page is for my paid-for applications – these will run in demo mode until registered.  Downloads for the free applications are available on their respective pages.  The Full “Setup” installers can run “over the top” of an existing installation and your existing settings will be kept.

All software here is written for the Windows operating system.  I cannot help you with emulators or other platforms.


AdLogGen v1.30 Setup
Manages advertising logs from external schedulers – Export to different systems, make quick changes outside of your expensive commercial/traffic package!


AdSplits v1.0 build 110 Setup
For playout of split advertising (and jingles) – currently in beta, so please see the product page for details.

It is expected that the software (and help file) will be updated regularly over the next few weeks – if you are trying the software, please ensure you’re running the latest version before sending a report/question.


Bravo Beta v1.99.165
Current test release – READ the Help file!

Bravo Beta v1.99.165 Update
Studio playout software – Supports live-assist and automated playback of adverts, jingles, music etc.

DAC Cartwall

DAC Cartwall v4.34 Setup
Includes sample database and 2 custom “skin” themes.

DAC Cartwall Skin Files
A collection of MSStyles that can be used with most of my applications.  These are freely available online and this ZIP file contains some of the nicer ones.


EZCart v1.17 Setup
Simple 8-slot “Cart” player


MyLibrary v3.40 Setup
Audio library management for radio stations, music collectors and those who like to catalogue audio..

AAC and FLAC DLL add-ons
These DLL files are required to support AAC and FLAC file playback – they are NOT included with the main installer and must be added manually to the MyLibrary program folder.

Tag Test Files
1 MP3 and 4 WAV files.  APE/ID3 MP3 Tagged file plus Enco, Myriad, RCS and WideOrbit WAVs with Cart Chunk.  Try these on your automation system to test compatibility.

Dalet XML Test File
Example of a Dalet XML file for the ACE Audio Conversion Engine.

JMD Data File Example
Example of a JMD file used to store all MyLibrary data (1 per track)


SplitPanel v1.0 build 110 Setup
A free add-on as part of the AdSplits package – see the product page for details.  Can also be used “standalone” with mAirList – see the AdSplits Help file for details.


SplitPanel v1.0 build 110 Setup
A free add-on as part of the AdSplits package – see the product page for details.


This software is available in Lite and Pro – the Lite version allows for up to 4 splits and the Pro allows 24.  The Lite version is £100 per licence (with discounts for multiple purchases). The full 24-split version is by quotation only.

SplitVT Demo Setup
This is a 2-split demo – available for all to try before purchase.


StudioScreen v1.66 Setup
Clock and status software for radio studios: Time, Date, Now Playing plus LED indicators for “Mic Live”, “Phone” etc.


SureLog Setup v1.60
Broadcast audio logging in MP3 or WAV formats.  Snoop recorder, airchecker and backup recorder.


TXSet v1.0 build 110 Setup
A free add-on as part of the AdSplits package – see the product page for details.


uCart v1.30 Setup
Full installation for first-time users.


Optional add-on to the AdSplits package – see the product page for details.

Coming soon…