This download page is for my paid-for applications (plus their help files) – these will run in some sort of “demo” mode until registered (usually a 30-minute run-time plus some other restrictions). Please try the software first to ensure its suitability.  These installers can be run “over the top” of an existing installation and your current settings will be kept – you may wish to keep your previous installation file (or just the main program’s EXE file) if you wish to roll-back to an earlier version.  The help files usually outline any changes/fixes made to the software – be sure to read those before upgrading.

My software is written for the Windows operating system. I cannot help you with emulators or other platforms. Please note that some of my applications have a compressed EXE file which may cause enthusiastic virus-scanners to complain.

Downloads for the free applications can be found here.

Until you make a purchase, support from me will be limited to answering questions like can I do xxx?” rather than how do I do xxx?”.  I am happy to help you ascertain if the software will do what you want it to, but further assistance over and above the supplied “help” file is for registered users only.


AdSplits v1.25 Setup
For playout of split advertising, promos and jingles.  Includes Master (controller) and Client (playback) applications.

AdSplits Online Help

DAC Cartwall

DAC Cartwall v4.44 Setup
Instant audio player for jingles, sound-effects and clips.

DAC Cartwall Online Help

DAC Cartwall Skin Files
A collection of MSStyles that can be used with most of my applications. These are freely available online and this ZIP file contains some of the nicer ones.


MyLibrary v3.61 Setup
Audio library management for radio stations, music collectors and those who like to catalogue audio.

MyLibrary Online Help

Tag Test Files
2 MP3 and 4 WAV files. APE/ID3 MP3 Tagged file plus Enco, Myriad, RCS and WideOrbit WAVs with Cart Chunk. Also, 2 PlayoutOne test files with custom ID3v2 tag. Try these on your automation system to test compatibility.

Dalet XML Test File
Example of a Dalet XML file for the ACE Audio Conversion Engine.

Sample JMD Files
Can be matched-up with your own audio files and loaded into MyLibrary to see how the data works.  MyLibrary filenames are *not* case-sensitive.


SplitMon v1.25 Setup
A free add-on as part of the AdSplits package – see the product page for details. Can also be used “standalone” with mAirList – see the AdSplits Help file for details.


SplitPanel v1.25 Setup
A free add-on as part of the AdSplits package – see the product page for details.


This software is available in Lite and Pro with the Lite version allowing for up to 4 splits with the Pro allowing up to 24.

SplitVT v1.29 Setup
Records voice-tracks for split playout.

SplitVT Online Help


StudioScreen v1.68 Setup
Clock and status software for radio studios: Time, Date, Now Playing plus LED indicators for “Mic Live”, “Phone” etc.

StudioScreen Online Help


TXSet v1.25 Setup
A free add-on as part of the AdSplits package – see the product page for details.


uCart v1.32 Setup
Simple “cart” style player.


Optional add-on to the AdSplits package – see the product page for details.

Coming soon…