Free / Archive

There are times when applications reach end-of-life or evolve into a bigger and better product – This page lists the applications that are now “free” and unsupported or no longer available to purchase.  If you have previously paid for any of the applications on this page, then support will be on a “best effort” basis.  As they are un-supported, I will not answer questions or feature-requests for these programs.

Free Applications

The following are now FREE to use, but without any support.  If are using a “registered” version of any of the following, please re-download the installer as the latest/last release does not have the registration system so you can install and use as you like.

Archived / Expired Applications

The following titles are no longer available but existing registered users may apply for licence keys as required.

  • AutoMute – this was a line input switcher that doesn’t really work well with newer versions of Windows
    Therefore, it is no longer available and, as such, not supported by me
  • DACSlot
  • DADMan
  • EDE EncoDAD Editor
  • GetFile
  • JockMaster
  • SoundFusion
  • uRecord
  • uScreen