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There are times when applications reach end-of-life or evolve into a bigger and better product – This page lists the applications that are now “free”, unsupported or no longer available to purchase.  If you previously paid for any of these products then support will be on a “best effort” basis.

Archived / Expired Applications

The following titles are no longer available but those who previously paid+registered may apply for an activation key if needed: AutoMute , Bravo , CartPlayer, DACSlot , DADMan , EDE EncoDAD Editor , GetFile , JockMaster , NewsBud , PlaylistSplitter , SHOUTcaster , SoundFusion , SureLogFREE , uRecord

The Free Stuff

The following are FREE to use, but unsupported – this means that I am not in a position to assist you with any aspect of the program.  I *may* release updates if I find a bug that requires fixing, but that’s about it…  Some of these applications have a help file but the programs themselves are not overly complicated.  If you are using a “registered” version of any of the following, please re-download the installer as the most recent version does not have the registration system so you can install and use as much as you like.

If you have an earlier version of the software, these installers can be run “over the top” to update an existing installation without losing any settings.  Please note that some of my applications have a compressed EXE file which may cause enthusiastic virus-scanners to complain.

RadioLookup , SureLog and uCart retain their own pages for the time being.

AdLogGen - click to see a larger versionAdLogGen

This is a simple application that lets you create advert logs via drag ‘n’ drop – Just drop audio files into the main window, add Break Markers to separate each Ad-Break (even transmitter codes) – then export to the format of your choice.

AdLogGen is NOT a scheduling program, but simply a playlist editor.

It’s been designed as a go-between app for traffic scheduling and those who wish to manage AdLogs away from their (often expensive) traffic management software. It can be used to create (from scratch) simple advert logs for import into various playout systems (such as Myriad) – You can import a simple M3U playlist (perhaps from StationPlaylist Creator) and then export it to a more advanced format, such as Myriad’s AdLog, RCS, etc. Once you’ve got an AdLog created, you can save it with all of the details an easily open it again later for editing.

  • Drag ‘n’ drop audio files (from any Windows folder) to make Advert logs
  • Define Break Markers, Transmitter Codes – great split ads on Myriad Network and RCS Zetta
  • Open and directly edit Myriad AdLogs, then save back to Myriad (or Myriad Network)
  • Imports M3U – eg: StationPlaylist Creator
  • Reads ID3v2 and CartChunk tags
  • Built-in File Browser which can read the files in your playout system (eg: CartChunk)
  • Export to a variety of formats: CSV, M3U, mAirList TPI (ExtID and/or Filename), Myriad, RCS V15Native
  • Copy/Paste items to easily create a whole day’s worth of advert schedules
  • Will interface with my playout software (or JMD files) to retrieve Cart Numbers allowing you to turn a “domestic” folder+filename M3U file into a professional AdLog using Cart/Cut Numbers.

AdLogGen Free v1.31 Setup

AdLogGen Online Help
This is included with the program but can be viewed online here.

ButtonPanel - click to see a larger version


A simple jingle and sound-fx player.  It offers a multi-page window that allows either single or multiple audio playback and is a quick ‘n’ easy way of playing DJ Jingles, Drops, Effects etc.

The Set files are directly compatible with DAC Cartwall and uDAC allowing you to share pages with other systems/users.  It was designed for lower-resolution devices such as Windows 10 tablets.

ButtonPanel v1.20 Setup

DACFree FREE Cartwall Jingle Player SoftwareDACFree

A stripped-down version of my popular DAC Cartwall software which can be used where you don’t need the full features (and/or support) of DAC Cartwall, but perhaps wish to keep the familiar layout and make use of (page 1) your existing DAC Cart Sets (up to 15 Sets supported).

DACFree is ideal for your newsroom, smaller studio, theatre (eg: sound effects) and even an outside-broadcast vehicle.

DACFree v1.2 Setup

DACFree Online Help
This is included with the program but can be viewed online here.

DACFree Skin Files
A collection of MSStyles that can be used with most of my applications. These are freely available online and this ZIP file contains some of the ones that look good.

DACpad - Main ScreenDACpad

A free and simple application to play in short-form audio clips such as jingles, sound effects and clips – It works great with a USB Numberpad and offers up to 9 hotkey buttons. MP2/MP3/WAV files are dragged from any Explorer window onto a button – just touch to play. Buttons can overlap and a global “Stop All” button is also provided.

You can’t save any buttons, it’s just drag ‘n’ drop as needed – perfect for news clips, podcasts or anywhere else you may wish to play-in some audio.

As of v1.3, it is possible to drop .bat (batch) files onto a button in order to control/trigger external applications.  This can be a process, script, chain of events (eg: cleanup audio folder) – whatever you’re capable of programming!

DACpad Setup v1.3


EZCart is a simple jingle player that allows you to drag and drop audio files into 8 playback “cart” slots”.  It offers simple start/stop via the mouse, keyboard or can be used with a touchscreen.  The main window can be resized to suit your display and each “cart slot” can output to a unique sound device.

Simply navigate to a folder using the built-in browser, drag ‘n’ drop the audio to a slot and click the “Play” button… Keys F1-F8 also Start/Stop the slots.  The slots will attempt to read CartChunk, ID3v2 or basic filename Artist – Title information when loading.  You can also drag ‘n’ drop audio from any File Explorer window into a slot.

Slots can sequence by clicking the button to the left of each slot – when the preceding slot finishes, the next one is started.  A V symbol denotes the sequence mode is active.  Slots can also be ejected (or not) after playback – Clicking the lower left-hand slot button toggles this mode: X means eject.

To manually eject a slot, you can right-click the Play button with your mouse.

EZCart v1.21 Setup


A useful application to scan your music tracks and write the BPM to APE+ID3 file-tags.  Simply drag ‘n’ drop MP3 files from any folder into the main window, or load an M3U Playlist – then click Scan BPMs and Tag Files to process them.  GetBPM will save to APE custom/useritem “BPM” and ID3v3BeatsPerMinute.

If you require something a little more advanced that includes bulk file-tagging, CSV/M3U import/export – See MyLibrary

GetBPM Setup v1.0


RadioLookup is now free and more information can be found on its own page.

This application produces a list of broadcast transmitters near to a specific location. Ofcom have a resource known as Technical Parameters which offers AM, DAB and FM transmitter data (such as location, ERP, RDS and such). These CSV files allow for easy handling of this information making it possible to display it in a user-friendly list or map…obviously with a little coding effort.

Uses include: Identify a potential frequency for a new service (like a Community Radio Station) or simply to find out what stations are nearby and what services you can get from a nearby DAB multiplex. An option allows you to filter for nearby Community stations. You can also find for a specific service within a set distance, eg: Find all transmitters for “Heart” within 50 miles of Bristol and so on.

RadioLookup Free v1.17 Setup  (updated 29th October)

SureLog Free Audio Logger

SureLog / SureLogFree

The earlier SureLogFree product has been removed as the main SureLog product is now totally free. All the features of SureLog are now available at no cost – simply run this latest installer and enjoy.

SureLog is a broadcast logging application designed to record hourly audio files in either MP3 or linear PCM (WAV) format. It can create a new file at the start of each hour and name them according to the current date/time. It offers a very simple interface, auto-start, a simple layout – Start/Stop control, Settings, LED indicator, VU meter, audio properties as well as a dead-air detector.

Keeping a log of your station (or studio) output is a good idea – Especially as it may be part of your licence conditions. All OFCOM-licensed stations in the UK are required to keep an audio log for 42 days. OFCOM take a dim view when copies of your output can’t be supplied – Why risk a fine or licence breach?

If you’ve previously purchased, just run this v1.62 installer over your existing installation and enjoy.


SureLog Setup v1.62
Broadcast audio logging in MP3 or WAV formats. Snoop recorder, airchecker and backup recorder.

SureLog Online Help

uDAC Micro CartwalluDAC

This application is designed for use on small touchscreens (or tablets) to act as a low-profile jingle player for outside broadcasts or when you can’t justify *another* 22″ screen in the studio!

The Set files are directly compatible with DAC Cartwall (and my other software) so your existing jingle pages can be used. The Set folder can be defined allowing you to network several uDAC / DAC Cartwall systems for sharing audio between various studios/sites.

  • GUI can be skinned using MSStyles … No more “battleship grey”click here for some examples
    Download a selection of my favourite skin files here
  • 10 pages per Cart Set
  • 24 Instant Audio Buttons per page
  • Designed for use with a touch-screen for quick-fire use
  • VU Meter
  • Keeps a log of all played items
  • Plays FLAC, MP2, MP3 and WAV audio files
  • APE/ID3 and CartChunk Artist/Title support
  • Remote-Control via UDP strings

Have as many cart pages/sets as you need – Station IDs, Liners, Promos, Jock Drops and even Sound Effects/News Clips. It can be used standalone or alongside your playout system to give presenters some flexibility to play there own jingles or audio from USB stick.

uDAC v1.20 Setup


Here’s a FREE GPIO application for your studio – it uses a joystick input to display up to 10 status LEDs as well as a simple clock and a “now playing” text file display.  You can enable the elements as required and simply drag them around the screen to create your layout.

A basic “readme” file is included.

Using a similar GUI to my StudioScreen product, USBLEDs gives you some flexibility with regards to layout and feature-set.  It is ideal for using in+around other applications where you have some spare screen real-estate.  It can be used alongside SplitMon, which is part of AdSplits on a wall-mounted screen for presenter info.

It works best if you set your Windows’ desktop background to a solid black colour.

  • Up to 10 LED inputs with “off+on” colours+captions
  • Buttons can react to a joystick input or incoming RS232/UDP command
  • Buttons can show a simple text-label or the contents of a text file
  • Flexible layout, eg: 1×1, 1×5, 5×1 etc
  • Text file display for “now playing”
  • UDP control of LED off/on status
  • RS232 control of LED off/on status (new feature)

USBLEDs v1.16 Setup

uTag - click for a larger versionuTag

uTag (pronounced micro-tag) plays, tags and helps you manage the properties of your audio files. You can tag using APE/ID3, Cart Chunk, FLAC, OGG and the original JockMaster JMD formats (as used by MyLibrary.

uTag offers a simple to use PFL player that you can use to set cue points as well as a simple set of Track Attributes (Artist, Title, Year, Genre etc). Unlike MyLibrary, this program has no “bulk change” support or any of the advanced playout export options.  It can also perform an autocue of the CueIn and/or Segue markers.

Files can be tagged using APE, ID3, JMD and/or CartChunk formats.  The CartChunk “PostTimer” headers can be altered to match those required by your playout software (a few presets are provided).


  • Set a variety of properties: Artist, Title, Album, Year, Genre, End Type, Gender, CartID etc
  • Handles FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG and WAV audio files
  • Tag using APE,ID3 or CartChunk
  • AutoCue of CueIn+Outro/Segue markers
  • Can create Myriad v5 XML meta-data
  • Tag and Send a file directly to the Genesys playout system
  • Assign the player to any sound device
  • GUI can be skinned using MSStyles – freely available and can alter the look of the software in many ways

In summary, this application allows you to push data into systems such as AudioVault, Enco DAD/Presenter, Genesys, Myriad, RCS Master Control, NexGen, StationPlaylist, WideOrbit, Zetta etc

uTag v1.27 Setup