GetFile is a system tray application that can periodically download an audio file from a website, trim (top/tail), normalize and save to a local (or network) folder.  It’s ideal for getting hourly news bulletins into your playout system or for retrieving a regular pre-recorded show or podcast.

At present, only 1 file may be downloaded but future versions will include the ability to get different files (and at different times/days) within 1 application.

GetFile works great with FSN News or any other web-based audio that is often left with bad edits or a level that needs to be changed prior to broadcast.  This application was a custom build for a client and they have given permission for it to be made public and sold via this site.

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Other screenshots : GetFile Status tab  …  GetFile Licence tab


  • Downloads an Audio File
    Retrieves the file hourly or at a certain time on specific days

  • Audio Processing and Conversion
    Can top/tail the audio, normalize and convert MP2/MP3 to WAV (and back)
    If your source file is a .mp3 and your specify a .wav local file, GetGile will convert the format according to the extension specified.
    MP2, MP3 and WAV extensions/formats currently supported.

  • Saves File
    The resulting file is then saved locally or to any visible network path

GetFilePro Coming soon
GetFile will soon be replaced by a new “Pro” version with multiple file support and improved tagging options.

GetFilePro is expected to cost £50 per licence and will allow you to add file profiles to a download list which means the software can get the files at a specific time every hour/day etc.  It will handle an unlimited number of file profiles which can be news/weather reads or any “online” audio that you wish to grab, process and play without manual intervention.

It will also convert the file to MP3 or WAV and apply CartChunk information to the file to show Artist/Title, Segue Marker as well as top/tail and normalize the audio ready for playout.  There will be options for CartChunk (EncoDAD, Genesys, Myriad etc) compatible with most playout systems) as well as EncoDAD’s “Dropbox” format.

  • Download from a URL (HTTP), FTP or local/network Folder
    Can download an audio file from a standard web-address, log into an FTP site or source a file from a local/networked folder (eg: mapped drive).

  • Multiple File Profiles
    Set-up many file downloads on an hourly/daily basis – News/Weather and other online audio for processing and playout.  File variables such as %DDD %MMM %YYYY for date-substitution etc.

  • Top/Tail and Normalize
    Ensures your audio is perfectly edited and processed – every time!  Each download profile can have it’s own audio settings.

  • CartChunk / Automation Meta-Data
    Writes industry-standard CartChunk information for EncoDAD, Genesys and Myriad as well EncoDAD’s “Dropbox”.  Each download profile can have it’s own CartChunk tagging rules.

  • MP3 and WAV Conversion
    Saves the audio to MP3 or PCM WAV file

  • E-Mail Alerts
    Will e-mail you upon success (or failure) if required

Software is currently under development – no further information is available at this time…