GetFile is a system tray application that can periodically download an audio file from a website, trim (top/tail), normalize and save to a local (or network) folder.  It’s ideal for getting hourly news bulletins into your playout system or for retrieving a regular pre-recorded show or podcast.

At present, only 1 file may be downloaded but future versions will include the ability to get different files (and at different times/days) within 1 application.

GetFile works great with FSN News or any other web-based audio that is often left with bad edits or a level that needs to be changed prior to broadcast.  This application was a custom build for a client and they have given permission for it to be made public and sold via this site.


Other screenshots : GetFile Status tab  …  GetFile Licence tab


  • Downloads an Audio File
    Retrieves the file hourly or at a certain time on specific days

  • Audio Processing and Conversion
    Can top/tail the audio, normalize and convert MP2/MP3 to WAV (and back)
    If your source file is a .mp3 and your specify a .wav local file, GetGile will convert the format according to the extension specified.
    MP2, MP3 and WAV extensions/formats currently supported.

  • Saves File
    The resulting file is then saved locally or to any visible network path