Just a few folder paths need to be set in order to make AdLogGen work a bit faster :

AdLog Playlist Path : The default location for AdLogGen playlist files (tab-delimited)
CSV/Tab Playlist Path : The default location for generic CSV/TSV playlist files
M3U Playlist Path : The default location for M3U (Raduga, SPL, WinAmp, Zara) playlist files
mAirList Playlist Path : The default location for mAirList AdLog playlist files
Myriad Playlist Path : The default location for Myriad AdLog playlist files
JMD Data Path : The default location for JMD files (MyLibrary etc)

Default File Browser Path : The default location that the File Browser will open and show MP2, MP3 and WAV audio files
Font Name/Size/Bold : You can change the AdLog Playlist font settings to suit

Read ARTIST - TITLE filenames as CART# - TITLE : When ticked, this will read the M3U filenames and interpret them accordingly.  This is helpful if you have a 2nd copy of your adverts outside of your playout system. eg:

Re-Read Myriad Audiowall Lengths  : When ticked, will re-scan the audio durations of your Myriad Carts.  Blank entries are provided in the AdLogGen.ini settings file, example paths are as follows:


This allows AdLogGen to find and read the length of your Myriad Carts to ensure that they haven't changed since scheduling - The status of the file (missing or valid) is shown on the Edit window (double-click a playlist item to view).

Calculate AirTimes : Puts the expected AirTime that the Advert will play into the AirTime field - If un-ticked, the field will simply show the original Ad Break time as per the Ad Break Marker.

Output Advert Titles : Myriad Network will read the Titles from your Audiowall if you do NOT output them and you also get 15 more characters on Myriad Network.

mAirList Ads/Hour : Used when outputting mAirList TPI logs and places a Block Header which resets after x breaks.  eg: Block 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 etc
Myriad AdLog Prefix : If your advert log folder is shared with other adlogs, you may want a prefix like AM , DAB , FM etc, eg: FM101217.log


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