Release Notes

This page outlines the various changes and fixes to AdLogGen...

v1.31 : 6th October 2021

  • AdLogGen is now FREE - just install, run and use!

v1.30 : 18th April 2019

  • Minor fixes and tweaks

v1.22 : 14th November 2017

  • Added : mAirList TPI Advertising Log (with Cart IDs and Full Path) output
  • Added : RCS V15NativeZetta output

v1.2 : 1st October 2016

  • Added - Myriad Adlog Prefix setting: Allows you to add a string (8 chars max) to an AdLog filename, eg: FM161001.log
  • Added - M3U files can be dropped into the main window for quick loading (replaces existing log contents)
  • Changed - When saving a Myriad AdLog, the target filename defaults to the currently open file to make saving quicker

v1.1 : 24th September 2014

  • Added - Output Advert Titles option - Myriad Network will read the Titles from your Audiowall if you do NOT output them and you also get 15 more characters on Myriad Network.

v1.0 : 14th December 2013

Initial STABLE release : This is the official first release of AdLogGen - with the following changes/fixes since v1.0.101:

  • Added right-click Jump to Current Hour
  • Added Re-Read Myriad Audiowall Lengths to allow the audio file to be re-scanned when loading a Myriad-formatted AdLog
  • Expected AirTime now updates as you move advert items around
  • Break Durations are now re-calculated as you drag 'n' drop
  • Copy/Paste (via CTRL-C/CTRL-V) of items for simple duplication
  • Myriad AdLogs can now be directly opened and saved
  • Ad Break Times now change if you move a piece of audio to another break
  • Font Name/Size/Bold Settings added

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