Using AdLogGen

Quick Start
The basic process of creating a daily Advert Log is as follows : Create Ad Break Markers, Drag 'n' Drop Adverts into list, export to desired format.  The detailed process of this is explained below...

AdLogGen's main window lets you create (via drag 'n' drop) a fresh ad-log or open a tab-delimited AdLogGen file, M3U playlist or Myriad AdLog - Audio files are shown in green with Commands+Notes in black.  The duration of an Ad Break is shown in the Length column of the Ad Break Marker.  When loading an M3U file, the Artist/Title is read from either the CartChunk, ID3v2 tags along with the Cart# from the WavCart CutID field.  If a JMD file is found (having been defined in MyLibrary), this will take priority.

To keep CartChunk support simple (and because automation systems insist on using many variations of PostTimer marker names!), the Length field is always set to Audio Duration - 100mS.

A further config option allows you to interpret the Cart Number and Title from the filename, eg:

Items may be re-arranged via drag 'n' drop, you may multi-select items and move them in a single block if you wish.  When you re-arrange adverts, the AirTime of each item is also re-calculated, so if you move audio from one break to another, this is taken into account.

You can copy/paste (up to 999) items either individually or as blocks - Simply multi-select and use the right-click "Copy" or "Paste" option, or, use CTRL-C and CTRL-V respectively.  Items can be deleted using the Delete key or via a right-click - Multi-select is supported.

To add a day's worth of Ad Break Markers or just those for a single hour - Right-click and select Add/Insert Break Markers from the menu - This will display the window shown below and allow you to select the Break Minutes, TX Code and Hour/s to insert.  If you enable All Hours, a set of Ad Break Markers will be created for every hour: eg: Break Minutes xx:20 , xx:40 , xx:58 will be created for every hour from Midnight to 11pm.  00:20 , 00:40, 00:58 , 01:20 , 01:40 etc up to 23:58.

To edit a Marker's Break Time or item's TX Code, you can either double-click it or right-click and select Edit Item Details from the menu.  The TX Code is used with an AdLog that has breaks for multiple transmitters/splits so that the software can load the breaks for each split correctly.  This is designed to work with Myriad Network. Alternatively, you could leave the TX Code empty and simply export your logs in the AM_yymmdd.log , FM_yymmdd.log format and tell your playout software to look for different AdLog filenames.

You can also change the title of the item - Useful for editing a Command/Macro.


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