v1.0 build 110 - updated 5th May 2019
Split Advert/Jingle Playout

AdSplits is an audio playout application that allows broadcasters to brand different transmitters (ie: geographic areas) with targeted advertising and jingles.  With an unlimited number of splits per machine (subject to available sound hardware), audio can be started via contact-closure, keyboard/mouse event, RS232, or UDP network command via your station's LAN/WAN.

There is no database to manage or any cue-points to set - the playlist is loaded automatically with the cue-in and segue points automatically detected based on audio threshold (or via JMD files from MyLibrary).  Standard DateTimeFormat tokens (DD MM YY etc) can be used to assist with playlist loading "on demand".

Additional (FREE!) applications to handle split-routing, monitoring and control are also included:


If you are updating from a previous copy, please take a moment to read the Release Notes which contains the latest changes/fixes.

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