Production Recorder

DAC Cartwall includes a sophisticated recorder and editor - Not only can you use DAC Cartwall for jingle/fx playback - but also for recording your phone calls in a quick and simple manner.  No more Alt-Tabbing between windows or *another* screen for editing - do it with a single application.  Recordings can be edited, trimmed and normalized prior to saving - you can then load it into a player or start it from your mixer.

It's so easy - just click the NEW button (or press F1), that'll create a new file in the editor... Then just click REC (or press F2) and the recorder will start.  F3 will stop the recording and you can then TOP 'n' TAIL and NORMALIZE before saving the file and optionally "quick loading" it into one of the 3 playback decks.

Shortcut Keys
F1 : New File
F2 : Record/Stop
F3 : Play/Stop
F4 : Trim
F5 : Normalize
F9 : Load in A
F10 : Load in B
F11 : Load in C
F12 : Close Recorder
If you are using a Vellemna K8055 USB Interface, Button5 will Start playback.

Files are saved as 44.1KHz 16bit WAV (PCM) files enabling them to be played/editing in practically any other playback/editing program.

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