Release Notes

This page outlines the various changes and fixes to DAC Cartwall...  If you are reporting a bug/problem, please ensure that you're using the latest version AND that you describe the issue and (most importantly) steps to replicate.

v4.45 31st January 2022 - updated 21st May

  • Fixed : The StudioID (source) parameter when sending a split command to AdSplits was still 16-chars (needed to be 24)
  • Added Window position checks - useful if you remove a 2nd monitor and experience an invisible window (this removes the need to edit the [Position] section of the INI file
  • DAC Cartwall is now completely free!

v4.44 12th March 2021

  • Fixed : Minor issue with Instant Player when item had an Intro time set
  • Improved : When using Show Durations, the length of each button is read from the Cart Set file and only re-scanned if the audio file has been modified (this dramatically speeds up loading of Sets, especially music-based ones, as it only looks at the file's date, not the audio each time the Set/Page loads.)

v4.43 18th February 2021

  • Added : FADE1/2/3 command to RS232 and UDP control protocol
  • Added : Some corrections, re-wording etc to this help file

v4.42 (no version change) 26th October 2020

  • Fixed : The Password field in the Login Screen now has focus upon loading making it easier to log-in without needing to click the box to type

v4.42 2nd September 2020

  • Removed : uDAC from DAC Setup - uDAC has been free for some time and now has its own place on my website's "Free Stuff" page

v4.41 13th August 2020

  • FixedDatabase Library drawing/refresh issue that would prevent the list view from refreshing correctly when search results produced *fewer* results than the last search performed

v4.40 29th July 2020

  • Added : RS232 remote-control (same command structure as UDP)

v4.39 6th April 2020

  • Fixed : Issue with "PressNGo" mode which would play an item in a Player that was already loaded (ie: cued/paused)
  • Fixed : Remaining time, when a Player was re-cued, would not reset back to the total time (minus any cue-in value)

v4.38 26th December 2019 - updated 16th January 2020

  • Added : Database/Library path textbox background changes to red if DB file not found
  • Added : mAirList v6 MMD Artist and Title read-type

v4.37 24th September 2019

  • Changed : Activation Key now stored in licence.ini within DAC Program Folder - Your existing activation key remains valid (if within date) but will need to be re-entered.  This new method makes life easier for Windows 10 users whose Registry permissions are locked-down.

v4.36 31st July 2019

  • Changed : Button displays for non-audio items, eg: command macros for AdSplits

v4.35 16th July 2019

  • Fixed : Player A, when in ReCue mode, would not allow you to replay the item
  • Changed : Non-audio (or missing) items are prefixed with a * on the buttons
  • Added : AdSplits Master integration - see Cart Sets and Playback

v4.34 15th April 2019

  • Fixed : Slow performance when loading new "Sets" and audio duration was set to be visible on buttons
  • Fixed : Issue with Deck sequencing

v4.33 26th February 2019

  • Added : Ability for buttons to be non-audio and send UDP commands to start other playout systems (see near the bottom of Cart Sets and Playback for details)

v4.32 24th February 2019

  • Changed : Minor tweaks to audio system - check your soundcard assignments in the Config!
  • Improved : Top/Tail on Production Recorder

v4.31 8th November 2018

  • Fixed : Duration not showing when audio drag'n'dropped onto button

v4.30 19th December 2017

  • Fixed : Ducking Level was defaulting back to 100% in Config
  • Fixed : Duration was not shown when dragging audio onto a button
  • Activation Key location changed to "Local Machine" rather than "Local User" - this will "break" your registration, but your existing activation key can be re-entered to continue using the software.  This fixes the problem of DAC going into demo-mode on different Windows logins.
  • Fixed : F1/F2/F3 keys wouldn't always respond after loading a Player in Collect Mode
  • Fixed : Instant Player fonts now adjust with screen size
  • In Progress : User Permissions for Cart Sets - later versions will offer multiple user logins so each user can only see/play their particular audio
  • In Progress : Cues Editor - buttons can have temporary (non-destructive) Start/End points set.  Useful for song clips etc.

v4.21 26th February 2016 (no version change)

  • Fixed : Issues with 3x Speaker Surround Mode

v4.21 4th November 2015

  • Added : K8055 outputs 2, 3, 4 are HIGH when Players 1, 2, 3 are Loaded/Playing.  Output 1 HIGH during Instant Mode. Output 5 HIGH when Instant Player is playing.
  • Fixed : Minor fixes to remote-start control

v4.2 10th August 2015

  • Added : Press 'n' Go Mode (purple background) - allows instant loading (and playback) of Players when touching a button. New 3-button popup window now lets you toggle between Collect, Instant and PressNGo modes.
  • Added : The Year field is now searched when using the Database/Library

v4.12 28th October 2014

  • Added : Hook In/Out Tags now enabled
  • Added : PFL Intro button on Library window
  • Fixed : Admin login issue
  • Added : Button Clone (under menu/palette button) - allows you to click on buttons to quickly set Back/Text colour

v4.1.115 13th July 2014

  • Fixed : Database/Library window size not being remembered between sessions
  • Fixed : Intro times now stored on Buttons - value taken from Database or JMD at the time of drag 'n' drop
  • Removed : Auto-Segue from Config>Audio Settings - Use the CHAIN feature for sequencing Players

v4.1.110 17th November 2013

  • Fixed : MP3 Tags not being read correctly

v4.1.105 1st November 2013

  • Fixed : Intro Time not showing when adding to the Players from the Database/Library
  • Fixed : Import Wizard slight bug

v4.0 15th March 2013

This new version includes a number of new features and changes - As this is a major new version, you will need a new Activation Key to use the software unrestricted.

  • Fixed : MP3/WAV issue with Recorder/Editor
  • Added : Game port circuit diagram to Configuration section
  • Added : Station Database sharing with Bravo, JockMaster, Meridian, SoundFusion etc.
  • Added : Audio-based Player sequencing for true "automated overlaps"
  • Changed : File Browser/Explore Window now shows Intro+Durations of audio tracks
  • Added : Intro Countdowns on Playback Decks
  • Added : Separate left+right VU Meters
  • Changed : Production Recorder/Editor, changes+fixes
  • Fixed : Many small fixes and bug-fixes

v3.21 5th March 2012

  • ADDED : Ducking of Decks 1-3 while Instant Deck is playing - Useful for playing dry voice clips over a talk-bed when using a single audio device. There are 3 new Config options in the Audio tab: Duck Decks to xx% , Duck Down Time mS , Duck Restore Time mS. The defaults are 50%, 250mS and 250mS respectively. To enable the ducking function, click the new label on the Instant Player - it will change colour and text to signify the Ducking status.
  • FIXED : CueIn point now imported during drag/drop from Database

v3.20.103 4th March 2012

  • ADDED : Ducking of Decks 1-3 while Instant Deck is playing

 v3.20.102 27th February 2012

  • ADDED : ItemType colours for the Database/Library
  • FIXED : Button Captions inherit correct captions when using drag 'n' drop

v3.20 : 21st February 2012

This is a major update to DAC and therefore ALL users will need to run the v3.20 Setup file which includes some additional DLL files.  Simply run the installer over the top of your existing DAC installation - Your existing settings and Cart Sets will not be touched.

IMPORTANT : You will need a new Activation Key when running this version - this is due to some internal changes and future feature enhancements.

  • ADDED : AutoSegue for automatic (sound-level-based) overlaps - Toggled by pressing the Pallete button (top-right) and enabling the CHAIN buttons
  • ADDED : Database Library - integrates with Bravo, JockMaster, Meridian, SoundFusion
  • ADDED : External Recorder option - Allows you to continue to use the Production Recorder/Editor or launch uRecord, Cool Edit or Adobe Audition
  • CHANGED : Config screen has had a major overhaul - You will also find the Licence/Registration settings here
  • ADDED : uRecord application now bundled with DAC - Free licence for 2 machines per purchase
  • FIXED : Instant Mode now plays from CueIn point - You will need to re-add your buttons for this to take effect
  • ADDED : Sample Styles.txt containing a list of sample Database Styles which you can paste into DACCartwall.ini
  • FIXED : Players now start from CueIn point (not start of file) when using new AutoSegue mode
  • FIXED : When saving Configuration, DAC now loads the 1st Set in the list (as opposed to unloading everything)
  • FIXED : Colour change issue when dropping a file onto a button
  • ADDED : Refresh Set Buttons config option - enables/disables the 10 seconds timer that reloads the Set Buttons

v3.15 : 31st December 2011

  • UPDATED : Full installer to match latest minor changes in 3.14.102 below

v3.14.102 : 12th December 2011

  • ADDED : MP3 Mode - Production Recorder has the option of recording in 320k/bit MP3 (new config option)

v3.14.101 : 11th December 2011

  • ADDED : K8055 Output 2 goes "HIGH" when the Production Recorder is playing, ideal for engaging PFL on your mixer
  • FIXED : Minor bug with continuous remote-start mode

v3.14 : 5th October 2011

  • ADDED : VU Meter Speed - default is "Medium", previous versions where set to "Slow"
  • FIXED : Button actions now perform better with touchscreens
  • FIXED : Several bugs within the Production Recorder and File Browser windows
  • FIXED : Minor issue with new "Set" path option

v3.13 : 26th September 2011

  • ADDED : Sets can now work from any local/networked folder - ideal for networked studios using mapped drives
  • FIXED : Set Page will refresh every 10 seconds (for new button audio) but NOT reload the main list of sets

v3.12.101 : 13th September 2011

  • ADDED : Consume Cuts option - When in Instant Mode, you can enable the Consume Cuts button (next to the Fade/Eject Mode buttons on the pallette button) which will disable the cart buttons as they are played.  To restore a button, just click the Cart Set.

v3.12 : 10th September 2011

  • ADDED : Config option: Enable Instant Mode on Startup
    [now removed, DAC automatically remembers the Mode between sessions]

v3.11 : 5th August 2011

  • CHANGED : Log file now takes the format YYYY DD MM DAC Log.txt and can be saved to any folder. This allows the use of log files on a "1 per day" basis".

v3.10 : 25th July 2011

  • ADDED : VU Audio Meters

v3.104 : 17th July 2011

  • FIXED : Some minor fixes

v3.103 : 15th July 2011

  • Test version

v3.102 : 13th July 2011

  • ADDED : Font Name/Size options to Settings window
  • ADDED : Explore window now offers direct drag 'n' drop to Buttons and Players
  • FIXED : Button Colours would carry-over to other pages with "non-coloured" buttons

v3.101 : 26th June 2011

  • IMPROVED : Joystick+K8055 Remote Starts now offer "continuous" mode for mixers that use hard-wired buttons: ON:START, OFF:STOP

v3.0 : 17th June 2011

Version 3 of DAC Cartwall sees a number of new features and some vast improvements - this help file has been overhauled so that every aspect of DAC is explained in detail.

  • NEW : Buttons can now optionally work as ROTATE BUTTONS - Up to 25 audio files can be loaded into a single button and be played using Instant Mode. This allows you to play a different file each time the button is pressed - ideal for promo/spot tags and random effects. When dropping a file onto a button that already has a file assigned to it - you are offered the choice of overwriting the audio or creating a Rotate List.  Rotate Mode can be disabled globally if required.
  • NEW : Cart Sets now have 10 pages "per set" - giving you a total of 560 audio cuts per Cart Set.
  • NEW : AutoCueing of files so that the audio starts as soon as the "Play" button is pressed
  • ADDED : Save Cart Chunk option in Configuration to allow the Recorder/Editor to save Artist/Title fields to broadcast Cart Chunk format.
  • FIXED : Many drag 'n' drop operations have been cleaned-up and fixed
  • ADDED : Category/Genre display in Players 1-3 - This is taken from the APE/ID3 "Genre" field, CartChunk "Category" and the JMD "Styles" field and are displayed when the field is populated.
  • IMPROVED : Joystick and USB Remote Start performance - it's now possible to press 2 buttons together and the buttons are more responsive.

IMPORTANT: As this is is a major new version (2.x), your existing registration will be invalid - existing users of v2.50 and above can obtain a free Activation Key upon request.

v2.60 : 30th April 2011

  • Added : Instant Player now offers 2 channel play 'n' fade - allowing a graceful fade when playing multiple items

v2.57 : 21st April 2011

  • K8055 Output1 is now triggered during Instant Mode, ideal for putting your mixer channel into PFL

v2.56 : 16th April 2011

  • Joystick and K8055 remote-starts improved - no more "bounce timer" - this means that the buttons are more responsive.
  • Various small mods...

v2.55 : 31st March 2011

  • Added : Cart Sets and File List automatically refresh every 10 seconds - better for network users
  • Added : Audio Recorder Input/Outputs can now be defined
  • Fixed : Button flashing in Collect Mode is now cancelled when changing Cart Sets

v2.52 : 23rd March 2011

  • DAC Cartwall window now changes to green when in "Instant Mode" - making it easier to see when buttons are "live"

v2.51 : 21st March 2011

  • Fixed :  Main window height/width issue - the custom size of the window is now remembered between sessions.

v2.50 : 27th February 2011

  • New touch-screen friendly menu for creating/deleting/refreshing Cart Sets and toggling the Fade Players and Eject/Recue After Playback modes - there are new icons for these modes which are shown in the 3 playback decks.
  • Explore and Recorder "Load Into..." buttons will only load into a playback deck that is NOT playing

v2.48 : 21st February 2011

  • Fixed :  Button right-click "Load Audio..." problem that would prevent the item from being saved/played

v2.47 : 19th February 2011

  • Disabled the Delete button in the Production Recorder when in User Mode - previously, they were able to delete audio (not good!)
  • Fixed :  MSStyles loading issue
  • Added Login Screen to this help file

16th February 2011

  • Added this CHM Help file...

v2.46 : 15th February 2011

  • Telephone Recorder/Editor overhauled - Added Goto Start and Goto End buttons, moves playback cursor to the start or last 5 seconds respectively.
  • Telephone Recorder now has several shortcuts keys: F1: New File, F2: Record/Stop, F3: Play/Stop, F4: Trim, F5: Normalize, F6: Save File, F9/F10/F11: Load in A/B/C, F12: Close Window
  • Added Configuration option: Buttons Follow Theme - this forces some of the (non-coloured) buttons to draw as per the current MSStyles theme
  • New About dialog - includes hyperlink to show the HTML file in your default web-browser
  • Fixed :  Re-cueing issue that would cause DAC Cartwall to crash upon replay if the Leave Player Loaded when Played option was used

DAC Cartwall is now distributed in the United States via the Direct Audio Center website - part of Commercials by the Dozen.  UK/Europe and the rest of the World is still handled by myself.

v2.45 : 10th February 2011

  • Fixed :  Bug would occasionally produce an error called "Array element 99 doesn't exist"

v2.44 : 13th December 2010

  • Fixed :  Button1 problem that would cause it to show the last used colour if empty
  • You can now press <ENTER> in the password box during login - saves you having to give the "LOG IN" button focus
  • A new MSStyle file is included in the full installer - this is call OceanBlue.msstyles

v2.43 : 6th December 2010

  • Removed references to the (incomplete) multi-speaker surround-sound mode which may have caused problems on "stereo" sound systems, eg: FMOD Error 57

v2.42 : 23rd November 2010

  • Fixed :  Issue with Button Colours not being set correctly - sometimes, the button text would not be read and default to the previous colour loaded.

v2.41 : 18th November 2010

  • Improved loading speed of Cartwall sets when using "Show Durations on Cartwall Buttons"

v2.4 : 17th November 2010

  • A login screen can now be displayed upon startup - once enabled, a password is required for "administrator" access which permits configuration and editing of stored buttons. Basic user access permits playback, folder browsing and telephone recording but no editing of buttons/sets. This is ideal for stations that wish to limit the amount of "tinkering" that presenters can do to DAC Cartwall.
    The settings for this feature are NOT stored in the DACCartwall.ini file but in the Windows Registry.  If you forget your password, please contact me and I will tell you how to retrieve it.

v2.33 : 6th November 2010

  • Player F-keys now work when Explore window has focus

v2.32 : 30th October 2010

  • Using the Windows X (close) button would produce an error - fixed this bug to gracefully close DAC Cartwall when the user clicks this!

v2.31 : 24th October 2010

  • MP2 files have now been enabled in the Folder Mode and File Explore Window - requested by an EncoDAD user
  • Explore Window now appears in Taskbar allowing you to Alt-Tab to switch between it and the main Cartwall screen
  • Added Fade Players menu - enabling this feature will cause the other 2 Playback Decks to fade-out when the 3rd is played.  This is ideal for bed+tags or for simple song>song segues.

v2.3 : 4th October 2010

  • DAC Cartwall now supports the Velleman K8055 USB Interface Board
    Allows for remote-starting of the 3 Cart Players, stopping the Instant Player and Playback of the Telephone Recorder module.
  • Added K8055 USB Polling and BounceTimer (ignore input after press, to stop multiple presses) mS intervals to INI file:

v2.27 : 18th September 2010

  • New Explore window to allow easy loading into Players for touchscreen users
  • Added Joystick Polling and BounceTimer (ignore input after press, to stop multiple presses) mS intervals to INI file:
    With these default settings, the Joystick inputs are read every 75mS, and ignored for 750mS afterwards to stop bouncing
  • Changed Joystick Detection Method
  • Can now display durations on Buttons
  • Multi-channel Outputs Coming soon

v2.26 : 8th September 2010

  • Fixed error with flashing button colours - sometimes they wouldn't return to the preset color

v2.25 : 2nd September 2010

  • Window size is now remembered between sessions
  • Added Log File option - text file can be written each time a file is played... CSV format or plain text (human readable)...
    CSV format is: DD/MM/YY,HH:MM:SS,filename.ext (without full path)
    TXT format is: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS<tab>filename.ext (without full path)
  • Enhanced Production Recorder - larger window and selection buttons added

v2.24 : 20th August 2010

  • Added "Delete Current Set" menu item - allows you to remove cart sets

v2.23 : 22nd July 2010

  • Players can now use different sound devices - if you have 4 outputs available, each player can be assigned to them!

v2.22 : 19th July 2010

  • Added Config option: "Warn me if I try to play a file that doesn't exist"
    This disables the file checking that displays a message box if you attempt to load/play a file that has been moved since you created the set.  This is because some Windows 7 users have been reporting issues with not being able to play files.

v2.21 : 17th July 2010

  • Added Normalize and Trim dB Level settings to config which allow you to control the normalization and auto-trim sensitivity when using the production recorder.

v2.2 : 16th July 2010

  • When pressing the "Fade" button on the 3 Players, the menu option "Leave Player Loaded When Played" is now taken into consideration
  • Fixed filename importer - Now reads ARTIST - TITLE and makes a neater import of non delimited files

v2.1 : 15th July 2010  Note: version number remains un-changed as no significant changes have been made other than:

  • Increased demo time to 30 minutes...

v2.1 : 11th July 2010

  • Added alternative Hardware Code for Windows 7 users

v2.0 : 30th June 2010

  • The Cart Sets list now shows only the name of the set (not the .dac extension)
  • Improved progressbar refresh rate (noticably smoother on shorter files)
  • Fixed drag 'n' drop in Folder Mode

IMPORTANT: As this is is a major new version (2.x), your existing registration will be invalid - existing users need to contact me for a free replacement code.

New users can take advantage of the £10 offer once again - purchase using any major credit/debit card via Google Checkout or contact me for Bank Transfer details.  Offer ends 9pm Sunday 4th July.

v1.9 : 19th June 2010

  • The 3 Players can now scrub audio by dragging the main playback area.  The progressbars will NOT support a "mouse move" event so you can't drag them - replacing them with a different progressbar object will mess with the XP Themes - most themes produce a "dotted" progressbar rather than the preferred continuous/smooth style.

v1.8 : 15th June 2010

  • Revised Buttons to cater for XP Themes - improved the overall look of DAC Cartwall!

v1.7 : 31st May 2010

  • DAC Cartwall now supports MSStyle XP Themes - you can now "skin" the GUI to any XP theme.
    2 are supplied with the installation and more are available at
  • New Installation - you can use this for a first-time install, everything is done for you :)

v1.6 : 28th May 2010

  • Added audio recorder which can be used for off-air production, tel-recs etc.

IMPORTANT: There are 2 ways to upgrade:

  • Option 1: Download the Support Files ZIP in order to get the NCTAudioEditor2.dll and NCTAudioPlayer2.dll files.  You will need to copy them to your Windows System32 folder and use REGSVR32 on them.  If you do not know what this means, use Option 2 !
  • Option 2: Download and run the DAC Cartwall Full Installation which will do everything for you.

v1.5 : 25th May 2010

  • mAirList v2 MMD Files can now be read... Only the Artist, Title and CueIn data is read!

v1.4 : 11th May 2010

  • New window skin - now looks half-decent!
  • Window re-sizes to any screen resolution (1024x768 native)
  • Support Files will be required for this update

v1.3 : 26th April 2010

  • Button and Cart fonts can now be defined, for example:


v1.2 : 8th March 2010

  • Updated FMOD Audio DLL
  • Playback Decks and Instant Player can now use different soundcards
  • Removed AudioGenie OCX - ID3 tags now read via FMOD

You will need to re-download the support files ZIP which contains the replacement FMOD DLL file.  There is also a "full installation" file if you want to have the various DLL/OCX files registered in your System32 folder.

v1.1 : 22nd February 2010

  • Revised colours
  • Added more error handling - message box will now warn you if you attempt to play a file that doesn't exist

BUILD 121 : 13th February 2010

  • Added Game Port control: Buttons 1,2,3 start/fade Players 1,2,3 respectively and Button 4 stops the Instant Player
  • Added Sound Device Selection - simply enter the device number of your sound card to allow DAC Cartwall to output from another sound device (ie: not your default Windows device)
  • Fixed some bugs!

BUILD 120 : 13th December 2009

  • Added "Eject When Played" menu option - players can be set to eject (or remain loaded) when finished playing
  • Added AudioGenie OCX for MP3 tag reading - this is a really useful APE/ID3 tag reader - you'll need the OCX file from the "Support Files" ZIP!  I will probably stick with this OCX and pay the registration fee to remove the little nag-screen (it only appears the first time you call it).

BUILD 119 : 12th December 2009

  • Added F1, F2, F3 to Start/ReCue the Cart Decks

BUILD 118 : 18th November 2009

  • Added drag 'n' drop into Players when in "Folder Mode"

BUILD 117 : 9th November 2009

  • Added "New Cart Set" menu option
  • Improved audio channel handling (should no longer crash when using "Stop"!)

BUILD 116 : 2nd November 2009

  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Added some instructions on how to use the software (duh!)

BUILD 115 : 31st October 2009

  • Re-worked the internal channel allocations - occasionally the instant channels would collide and stop a Player
  • Instant Buttons now overlap

BUILD 114 : 27th October 2009

  • Some minor cosmetic changes

BUILD 113 : 27th October 2009

  • Ditched the grotty text file...
    and opted for this less grotty HTML file
  • Players have a fade-out facility
    The Load/Eject button now becomes a FadeOut button when the file is playing.  This allows for a smooth transition between bed+tag combinations
  • Window now remembers the last used position
  • New icons and button colours

BUILD 112 : 26th October 2009

  • Added ID3 v1 Tag Support
    Players will show ARTIST and TITLE (truncated to 30 chars each as per v1 spec) (and YEAR) fields or default to the Button Caption if a tag is not found.

I do not intend to go overboard with IDv3 support as DAC Cartwall is mainly a simple jingle/fx playback tool.
Although it can also be used for longer items (such as beds, packages and even music) - any ID3 support will be limited to the bare essentials!

BUILD 111 CHANGES : 26th October 2009

  • Colours to the players depending upon what they're doing

Copyright © Charlie Davy