Dalet INF and XML are supported as "read" (import) types - These sit alongside the audio.  At this time, INF+XML are read using "Load Folder", either by entering a folder path in the top of the main program window, or using the menu shortcut CTRL-O.  The Artist+Title are read from INF file - and more fields can be added when I see a more populated example file.

Once you've loaded this info into MyLibrary, you can use the Mass Changer to read Cue-In/Segue infomation as well as set other attributes.  To preserve new information, you are advised to ensure that SongCard Saves JockMaster JMD Files is ticked in the Config - or use CTRL-J on newly imported files to bulk-save.  You can then select Read JockMaster JMD Files to re-load using JMD (rather than Dalet) as JMD supports all library fields.

If you don't do this, you'll only get the INF stored in the Dalet files!

Remember that changes made in the main list-view are NOT permanent until you export to a tag/file format - this can be your friend, or a nuisance - so please ensure you understand what changes you are making and how you intend to save them.  Sometimes, you might not - You could temporarily re-number your Cart Numbers for a different radio station but keep your own numbering system.  The possibilities are endless.

MyLibrary can export to Dalet-style XML files (one per audio track) which in turn can be imported using the ACE (Audio Conversion Engine) from Trinity Software.

The <itemCode> is derived from the Cart field which allows you to sync Dalet with a scheduler like Powergold and allow (Super)Impex to merge the logs into Dalet with the correct audio items. Please note that Dalet ItemCodes which are not padded to 5 digits will be treated as a different item.  In other words, whilst other systems will recognise that Cart 1 and Cart 00001 are the same, Dalet will not.

Fade During Segue
Subject to a configuration setting, you can instruct MyLibrary to ensure that all songs with a "Fade" ending are given a suitable fade marker when importing into Dalet.  This ensures that when Dalet is in AutoPilot , the song is faded during the segue - you can turn this option on/off as well as define the fade time.  The default is 3000mS.
  The example below shows the outgoing track with a FadeOut marker at the same position as the Segue (or xFade) point.

XML Format
This is an example of the XML file created with MyLibrary:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?>
<name>LONDON CALLING</name>

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