Enco DAD/Presenter

Enco Dropbox / NewDB Export
You can export your MP3/WAV files from MyLibrary into DAD via Dropbox or the NewDB utility. The older Dropbox format is a simple text file for each audio file whereas the NewDB uses an XML-formatted file.

Dropbox TXT Format:

Title = "BAD GUY"
StartTalk = "0.00"
EndTalk = "14.08"
SegueStart = "190.97"
StartTime = "0.00"
Producer = "Talkup"
Outcue = "End"
UserDef = "10S/INDIE1/POP/URBAN"
Composer = "Female"
Gender = "F"
Cut = "30692"
SongID = "30692"
ProdDate = "2019"
Album = "20210415 21:17"

NewDB XML Format:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
         <cut>30692 </cut>
         <altcut>BILLIE EILISH - BAD GUY </altcut>
         <artist>BILLIE EILISH </artist>
         <title>BAD GUY </title>
         <group>IMPORT </group>
         <outcue>End </outcue>
         <proddate>2019 </proddate>
         <starttime>0.00 </starttime>
         <startdate>2000/1/1 </startdate>
         <killdate>2099/12/31 </killdate>
         <userdef>10S/INDIE1/POP/URBAN </userdef>
         <starttalk>0.00 </starttalk>
         <endtalk>14.08 </endtalk>
         <seguestart>190.97 </seguestart>
         <producer>Talkup </producer>
         <url>C:\SONGS\B </url>
         <tempo>Medium </tempo>
         <gender>Female </gender>

All Cue values are in seconds to 2 decimal places.

EncoDAD Fade Time : This option will place a Tail Marker at xx milliseconds past the Segue Marker - this is useful when trying to use Enco's Tracker with short IDs like sweepers and liners -if the liner is shorter than the distance between the Segue and Tail Makers then this would be an invalid overlap as far as Tracker is concerned.  With the 4000mS setting shown, you would be able to use short IDs greater than 4 seconds.

DAD's Tracker - showing an invalid overlap - this is because the outgoing song is still playing after the next item has finished.  Although this works fine in automation, you cannot save this type of overlap in the Tracker!

DAD Tracker - showing a valid overlap.  The Tail Marker has been set 4 seconds past the Segue

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