The cue-marker headers (aka PostTimer) definitions are as follows:

AUDs - CueIn
AUDe - End of Audio File 
INT - Intro 1
SEC1 - Segue/Extro
MRK1 - Hook In (does not seem to work)
MRK2 - Hook Out
(does not seem to work)

Audio from MyLibrary can be "sent to Genesys" by placing the file into a folder along with embedded CartChunk data - this folder is routinely monitored and processed by the Genesys "Engine".  Files must be in linear PCM (WAV) format and these are copied to the Genesys import folder and renamed accordingly.  Files can be prefixed with their content type, eg: M12345.wav for a Music track and J54321.wav for a Jingle if you need this. 

If you are loading filenames that are already set-up for Genesys, eg: M12345.wav then you do not need to use the "Send to" function.

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