v3.59 - updated 18th June 2021
Music Library Organizer, Tagger and Playout Exporter

This application allows you to manage your songs on a "per folder" basis or via M3U/tab-delimited files that contains details of your music library.  You can then edit extra details like Cue/Intro/Hook and Segue times plus EndType, Opener, Tempo and Category.  MyLibrary currently supports over TEN playout/scheduling packages .

Whilst un-registered, MyLibrary permits a maximum of 100 audio tracks to be loaded into the viewer at any one time.  There is also a 30-minute session limit.

Registered users can receive "how to" style help directly from me if the information in this help file isn't sufficient.


If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then MyLibrary is for you... You can load FLAC, MP2, MP3, SND and WAV files into the viewer, set cue points (CueIn, Intro, Hook, Segue) and various properties like Album, Publisher, Tempo, Genre etc.  You can then export to CSV, XML, M3U and APE/CartChunkFLAC/ID3 file tags.

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