Miscellaneous Details

This tab offers some additional fields along with the important Style field where the Genre/Styles can be defined...

An industry code used to identify the recording - you can look up



Record Label
The name of the record company


Account Manager
The name of the sales rep responsible for this advert

Client ID
A unique code used to identify this item - when used with StationPlaylist, you can duplicate the Cart number here so that Creator can output a Cart-format playlist

Media Ref
A library reference to the track, eg: CD053 or MD25

The track number

Beats per Minute - click the Get BPM button to auto-detect the track's BeatsPerMinute

Used by StationPlaylist to determine how to handle a segue/crossfade. An empty value will tell it to use the Creator/Studio global Crossfade setting (usually around -15dB), and a value of 1 will tell it to use the defined Segue Marker.  A negative value (like -12 or -15) will tell it to use that particular threshold.  When you set a Segue Point in the Song Card, this value will change to 1.  If you clear the Segue Point it will clear the text box.

Fade All Other Players
This is used with mAirList to ensure that items preceding this audio are faded during automation.  This option is typically used on an Outro/Tag jingle where the Bed has an early StartNext marker to permit news/travel/entertainment reports to be automated.  Because the duration of the "report" may vary, this "Fade out" option ensures that any item already playing (like the bed) are faded as the Outro/Tag starts.

Last Played
Inherited from BCX3/BCX-DJ - used to show the last time that the file was played.

Start/End Date
The dates between which this item can be scheduled.

These are the various Genres that you can assign to a track - multiple Genres/Styles are permitted

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