The RCS export was developed for UKRD (UK-based radio group).  As Zetta is now the flagship playout from RCS, the following features are now "end-of-life" and I don't see much of a future for them!

There are just 2 configuration options for RCS export:

RCS Share Name : This is the UNC path to your RCS server
RCS Category : This is the Selector Category that you wish to put songs into

The Category is a Global setting at this time and is used to match up with your Selector category.

In order to export a selection of songs to your Selector "B" Category, set the config option as "B", select the songs (using filter/CTRL/SHIFT) in MyLibrary's main window and then right-click and select RCS from the Playout Export options - This will open a "Browse for Folder" window where you need to specify a location to save the new GUID filenames and XML data file.  The selected files and XML data file will be copied to the location that you specified.  The original audio files will remain intact.

From what I gather, these files can then be imported using an RCS utility.

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