Release Notes

This page outlines the changes, updates and fixes made to MyLibrary.

16th June 2022 : v3.68

  • Removed : Upper Case , &/AND , Remove Commas checkboxes from SongCard
  • Changed : The Show Tags window is now wider
  • Added : OriginalPath field to mAirList MMD output
  • Added : " X " (spaceXspace), lower or upper case, to Interpret FileNames/Find Additional Artists routines (used as a featuring/vs/with etc)

27th May 2022 : v3.67

  • Fixed : Clicking Use Cart Number in Bulk Assign window now saves the Cart Number correctly (kept resetting when clicking items in list)
  • Added : Search option for FileNames (alongside Artist and Title)

6th May 2022 : v3.66

  • Changed : Show Tags for this File now defaults to the relevant tab for the configured "read" Tag type
  • Added : File Path label on Show Tags for this File screen
  • Added : "Actual" values to the Show Tags for this File screen on the CartChunk tab
  • Fixed : Issues with Genesys CartChunks

22nd April 2022 : v3.65

  • Added : Next xxxx Cart in configuration window for each ItemType (Advert, Jingle, Song etc)
  • Fixed : Issues relating to "Next Cart Number" when using Bulk Assign+clicking item in main song list

15th March 2022 : v3.64

  • Fixed : Bulk Rename Cart field now updated correctly when using the "A" auto button in SongCard
  • Added : When selecting a track in the main list, the Bulk Assign Cart field will auto-populate based on ItemType
  • Fixed : File renaming issue on files with FLAC extension

31st January 2022 : v3.63

  • MyLibrary is now free!

26th December 2021 : v3.62

  • Added : Play Hook button to main screen player
  • Changed : Intro/HookSegue play buttons on main screen all play from the start of the audio if value is not set
  • Added : Re-Read ID3v1/2 Album option in Mass Changer now includes the Track field

30th November 2021 : v3.61

6th September 2021 : v3.60

  • Changed : Myriad v5 CSV Export is now a TSV (tabbed) file
  • Added : "S" button on Artists field in SongCard to create a / delimeted Artist string
  • Changed : Minor tweaks to Find Additional Artists function in Mass Changer and Interpret FileName SongCard

18th June 2021 : v3.59

  • Removed : Sync function (related to outdated iTunes library functions)
  • Fixed : Mood field not being read when dragging file into main screen list or being pushed back to the list after closing SongCard
  • Added : Playout Export>Myriad v5 Multi-Field CSV Import [see here ]
  • Removed : Depreciated Enco DAD DBF Reader/Editor
  • Removed : Depreciated DR2006 HRData.txt import routine

14th April 2021 : v3.58

  • Added : PlayoutONE tags can now be written to FLAC files
  • Fixed : Non-audio items (eg: Audition .pk files) could be dragged into the the main list view (conflicting with existing files+unique cart-numbers)
  • Added : Segue Time field in Mass Change window is now a dropdown offering some preset values
  • Fixed : Bulk Cart textbox on main screen was not showing "proper" padded Cart Number after a bulk number routine

1st January 2021 : v3.57

  • AddedCartChunk details expanded to include PostTimer (cue marker) names for each playout system

30th October 2020 : v3.56

  • AddedPlayoutONE tags now written to WAV files (using special format)
  • Changed : When clicking the ... button to display the folder/tree viewer, it now gets focus allowing you to use the scroll-wheel instantly

27th July 2020 : v3.55

23rd July 2020 : v3.54

  • Added : Moods can now be picked from a pre-determined list

2nd July 2020 : v3.53

  • Fixed : SongCard reading of APE/ID3 and generic "AUDIO" tags

23rd June 2020 : v3.52

13th May 2020 : v3.51

  • Added : Provisional support for ProppFrexx "pfmd" files (created alongside audio) via Playout/Scheduler Interfacing menu

17th April 2020 : v3.50

  • Fixed : Interpret Filename button on SongCard now takes the Artist field and uses feat. to separate multiple Artists
  • Changes : Tweaks to Myriad v5 XML output for ItemTypes and Timing Fields
  • Added : Source attribute to mAirList v6 MMD output (either MP3 or WAV)

26th January 2020 : v3.49

  • Removed : Depreciated Waveform Editor

23rd December 2019 : v3.48

  • ChangedSongCard shortcut keys re-arranged: F1-F7
  • Added : Export Myriad v5 Transport File/s to Playout Export - creates a ZIP file containing both the audio and XML file

14th December 2019 : v3.47

  • Added : Playout Export... menu to main window for easy access to "pro" playout exports
  • Changed : Moved mAirList CSV/MMD export to "Playout" menu
  • Added : Support for Myriad v5 CSV import list plus accompanying XML files
  • Changed : Ends/Fades EndTypes changed to End/Fade (export features still check for both variants)
  • Removed : Depreciated iTunes XML Sync

21st November 2019 : v3.46

24th September 2019 : v3.45

  • Changed : Activation Key now stored in licence.ini within MyLibrary Program Folder - Your existing activation key remains valid (if within date) but will need to be re-entered.  This new method makes life easier for Windows 10 users whose Registry permissions are locked-down.

26th August 2019 : v3.44

  • Fixed : Artist/Title APE+ID3v2 not being read correctly when opening the Song Card
  • Added : Folder Browser on main window. Click the "..." button next to "Load Folder" to show it.  Double-click folder to load contents.
  • Added : Genres/Styles can be set to / or , delimited in Config>Categories
  • FixedmAirListDB CSV Export outputs basics field values

22nd July 2019 : v3.43

  • Fixed : Issue with SEGUEDB field (for StationPlaylist) not being saved correctly in the Song Card

21st June 2019 : v3.42

  • Added: F6+F7 now set Intros 2+3 respectively
  • Added : Export option for PlayoutONE (custom ID3v2 tag in "Album" field) under Library Actions>Playout/Scheduler Interfacing

15th June 2019 : v3.41

  • Fixed : Waveform editor playback issue in DEMO mode
  • Changed : RCS CartChunks - Zetta seems to use different "markers" to Master Control, see Cart Chunk for details

19th April 2019 : v3.40

  • Added : Interpret Filename now swaps " FEAT " to " feat. "
  • Added : Special Actions>Check ID3 Tags - checks if Artist field matches current list view

26th January 2019 : v3.39

  • Fixed : mAirList MMD "End" field when saving using Filtered View (was saving Ends/Fades rather than E/F)
  • Added Show Artist List button to SongCard - displays Related (existing) Artists to help ascertain duplicates. Double-click an Artist to place it into the SongCard's Artist field.

15th December 2018 : v3.38

7th December 2018 : v3.37

  • Fixed : Waveform Editor was sometimes corrupting WAV files in certain situations
  • Fixed : Album field not being read in some situations
  • Added : Clicking the Publisher label on the SongCard now reads the FLAC or ID3v2 tag
  • Added : Intro button on main screen now jumps to "highest" Intro point (1, 2 or 3)
  • Added : Mass Change now has Backup Path field
  • Added : Mass Change now has Re-Read ID3v1/2 Album field
  • Added : BitRate now displayed on SongCard

1st October 2018 : v3.36

  • Added : Intro2+Intro3 cue-points now supported
  • Changed : Interpret Artist-Title routine improved (accounts for hyphenated names and full stops!)
  • Fixed : Better handling for .flac files (existing MP3/WAV JMD files were not being found for items due to 4-letter file extension, doh!)
  • Changed : Year field in Mass Changer is now a drop-down picker (no longer free-text)

30th August 2018 : v3.35

17th August 2018 : v3.34

  • Fixed : Auto-Cue bug that would sometimes produce a overly large CueIn value
  • Added : Right-click to Assign Cart Numbers button - allows you to select from a pre-set Cart range

20th November 2017 : v3.31

  • Added : Dalet INF read - see Dalet page for info
  • Added : Colours now supported across ItemTypes: Adverts: Green, Jingles: Yellow etc.
  • Changed : mAirList v5/v6 MMD Export fixes, see mAirList MMD Export for details
  • Added : Cart Number saves to APE tag "OTHER" (MP3 only) for StationPlaylist Creator and PlayoutONE integration

13th October 2017 : v3.26

  • Added : HookIn and HookFade now exported to MMD v5/v6
  • Fixed : Exporting MMD also calculates audio's full length for "Duration" field in MMD - this was causing wavforms and cue-markers to appear mis-placed!
  • ChangedmAirList MMD Export now split to v3/v4 and v5/v6
  • Added : mAirList MMD v5/v6 Export of selected items using CTRL-D
  • Changed : GridLines (row separation) colour a little darker so it's easier to see

19th September 2017 : v3.25 , updated 2nd October

  • Fixed : mAirList v3 MMD XML now outputs <ExternalID> field (for preserving Cart Numbers)
  • Added : mAirList v6 MMD XML output - Cart Numbers are saved to <External ID> field for mAirListDB
  • Added : Auto-Detect EndTypes in Mass Changer - Will scan audio (with a valid Segue point) and set as End or Fade if there is more than 8 seconds between the Segue and the end of file, eg: <8sec=End , >8sec=Fade ... Accurate 99% of the time!

6th August 2017 : v3.23

  • Added : Cart Number Padding to Misc Config tab - Allows you to define how many digits (up to 8) the Bulk Assign Cart option will pad to.

1st March 2017 : v3.21

  • Added : CSV Token Export now has a Header field - Enter header names plus %tab% to define the header for the CSV file, eg: Artist%tab%Title%tab%Filename etc

10th December 2016 : v3.20.110

  • Changed : Various WideOrbit CartChunk fixes

13th September 2016 : v3.20

  • Fixed : CartChunk read was not loading difference "profiles" correctly (Myriad seemed the only consistent one)
  • Changed : Cart Numbers now accept up to 8 characters - If you need to "pad" them to 5 digits, use the Mass Changer
  • Changed : WasMP3 on MassChange window has extra tickbox to assign the change (or not)

18th February 2016 : v3.15

  • Changed : SongCard - improved cue-point interface
  • Changed : Library Actions menu much neater - and several "bulk" actions moved to Mass Change window
  • Fixed : Remove Items (does not delete) now works on multiple items
  • Fixed : Delete Items to Recycle Bin now also removes those affected rows (to save a refresh)

23rd January 2016 : v3.14.125

  • Added : New Yes/No/Cancel option when renaming an Audio File in the SongCard. You have the option of renaming the JMD file with it, using an existing JMD (if a duplicate is found) or cancelling the operation.
  • Added : Library Actions>Find and Swap Artist/Titles - this is useful when you have a song titled PETER GABRIEL - DON'T GIVE UP FEAT KATE BUSH and you want to move FEAT KATE BUSH into the Artist field.

11th January 2016 : v3.14.120

  • Added : Publisher field to SongCard
  • Added : BPM to CSV %token% export

2nd December 2015 : v3.14.110

  • Fixed : SongCard Prev/Next not clearing all fields
  • Added : Cart field in Mass Change window
  • Added : Comment field in Mass Change window
  • Fixed : MP3 and WAV file extensions not always read correctly when ascertaining file types (reading and saving ID3/CartChunk tags)

10th October 2015 : v3.14

  • Added : Auto-Find Related Artists to Mass Change
  • Fixed : Search had broken - now working again
  • Fixed : Issue with tags being saved (most likely JMD) within the SongCard
  • Added : Artist1, Artist2, Artist3 export in AutoTrack CSV export - populated from Related Artists field [see Song Card for tag info]
  • Added : Pressing <enter> in Related Artists field now adds the selected Artist

1st October 2015 : v3.13

  • Fixed : Issues with saving to different tags when changing them in the Config (previously, a restart would be required)
  • Fixed : Problem with AutoCue within the SongCard

13th August 2015 : v3.12

  • Updated : Import fixes and playout integration
  • Added : Shortcut keys CTRL-C, CTRL-E, CTRL-F for Cold, Ends, Fades in SongCard

3rd August 2015 : v3.11

  • Added : EndMon setting to Audio config tab
  • Documented shortkeys on Song Card page

4th February 2015 : v3.0.115

  • Added : Improved Artist/Title from Filename algorithm

3rd November 2014 : v3.0.110

  • Added : Support for Start+End Dates - useful with Enco DAD importing
  • Added : New export for Enco's NewDB XML format
  • Added : Config option: Do not output Cart in Dropbox - for use with "cart ranges"
  • Added : AltCut field for EncoDAD Dropbox export - New Config option to specify whether this is the Cart# or Filename (without path/extension)

1st October 2014 : v3.00 - MAJOR NEW VERSION
This is a major version update which takes MyLibrary from v2.xx to v3.00 - The software has been at v2 for over 4 years so it was time for an update and some new features.  Please note that v3 uses a different registration system so you will need new Activation Keys. I will still issue v2 activation keys if you wish to stick with it. Existing users can upgrade for £15 - see my Shop/Purchase page for the upgrade link.

  • Added : mAirList v4+v5 MMD Export - removed legacy v2 support
  • Improved : Send to Genesys export
  • Fixed : Several minor bug-fixes
  • Fixed : ID3Title not being shown in file-list
  • Fixed : Tab order of items on Config screen
  • Added : Pressing <enter> in Path Window now loads folder
  • Added : Pressing <enter> in Categories Editor now adds that Category item

5th May 2014 : v2.86.120

  • Added : Intro+Segue set options to the Mass Changer window.  Values are in milliseconds - remember to save to your desired tagging format after!

18th October 2013

16th September 2013 : v2.86.115

  • Added : BPM Detection - You can select a group of files and use the new right-click menu (remember to save the APE/ID3 and/or JMD files afterwards!). You can also press the "Get BPM" button on the SongCard. The BPM detection takes 500mS-1sec depending upon song duration.

11th August 2013 : v2.86.110

  • Added : Support for M4A (BASS_AAC DLL now included).  Please note that it is NOT possible for MyLibrary to save APE/SPL tags to an M4A or WAV file at this time.

8th June 2013 : v2.86.101

  • Changed : Revised GUI styles (less battle-ship grey!)
  • Fixed : Corrected error regarding SPL Intro/Segue APE Tags
  • Added : Provisional support for reading Dalet XML files when loading a folder of audio
  • Myriad Bug Alert! In versions 3.6.3 , 3.6.6 and 4.0.14 there appears to be an issue with importing Intro+Segue timings using the CSV files below - The Artist, Title, EndType and Content/Genre import OK but the Segue icon shows a warning sign (exclamation mark). v3.6.2 is safe to use with MyLibrary as is the latest v4 (from v4.0.15 onwards)

6th August 2012 : v2.86

20th March 2012 : v2.84

 25th February 2012 : v2.83.101

20th February 2012 : v2.83

19th February 2012 : v2.82.105

27th January 2012 : v2.82.104

24th January 2012 : v2.82.103

15th January 2012 : v2.82.102

New INI settings for Genesys users:

18th December 2011 : v2.82.101

4th December 2011 : v2.82

3rd Novermber 2011 : v2.81

10th October 2011 : v2.80.102

13th September 2011 : v2.80.101

9th September 2011 : v2.80

8th September 2011 : v2.75.101

20th August 2011 : v2.75

14th July 2011 : v2.74

28th June 2011 : v2.73

26th June 2011 : v2.72

2nd June 2011 : v2.71

24th May 2011 : v2.70

30th April 2011 : v2.69

27th April 2011 : v2.68

13th April 2011 : v2.67

5th April 2011 : v2.66

6th March 2011 : v2.65

8th February 2011 : v2.64

20th January 2011 : v2.63

12th January 2011 : v2.62

3rd January 2011 : v2.60

This is a fairly major update - please take some time to understand the changes and new features!

12th December 2010 : v2.53 revision 102

3rd December 2010 : v2.53

27th November 2010 : v2.52

22nd November 2010 : v2.51

14th November 2010 : v2.50 - MAJOR NEW VERSION

This release has been upped to v2.50 due to a number of improvements/additions...

These new features and updates are available to existing users - just grab the latest update ZIP. The waveform editor is a standard feature and does not require a Pro licence. However, whilst un-registered - you will only be able to load files of less than 3 minutes in duration into the editor.

8th November 2010 : no version change

7th November 2010 : v2.44

29th October 2010 : v2.43

20th October 2010 : v2.42

10th October 2010 : v2.41

6th October 2010 : v2.4

25th September 2010 : v2.39

21st September 2010 : v2.38

18th August 2010 : v2.37

13th August 2010 : v2.36

11th August 2010 : v2.35

8th August 2010 : v2.34

5th August 2010 : v2.33

5th August 2010 : v2.32

4th August 2010 : v2.31

2nd August 2010 : v2.3

Major new version now includes the following features :

If you find the Cart Chunk features not working for your particular setup/playout system - please contact me so that I can fix it.

31st July 2010 : v2.23

July 2010 : No version change

18th July 2010 : v2.22

11th July 2010 : v2.21

6th June 2010 : v2.2

9th May 2010 : v2.19


Added ISRC to ID3v2 save routines

5th May 2010 : v2.18

16th April 2010 : v2.17

22nd February 2010 : v2.16

12th February 2010 : v2.15

22nd January 2010 : v2.14

13th January 2010 : v2.13

What Is A Related Artist ?

Most of us know that Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins are connected to the band Genesis. Of course, a computer doesn't know this so you have to tell it by using Related Artists which many schedulers support. Usually this is a "per item" field where each song card contains a list of related artists. Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and the Spice Girls are another example of this.

You can also use Related Artists when you have 2 artists collaborating on a track, ie: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton - Islands In The Stream. In this item's song card, you would enter both Kenny Rogers AND Dolly Parton so that their own solo tracks are kept away from this duet.

8th January 2010 : v2.12

This is because not all the fields are displayed in the viewer columns

Because the export routines only work with the existing viewer data - I propose to re-write the export routines to re-read the tag/file data rather than a simple dump of the column data. I expect this may slow down the export process (certainly with APE/ID3 reading) but will do some tests and determine how best to proceed.

6th January 2010 : v2.11

Although JockMaster (and Meridian Scheduler) will be able to manipulate these files ad-hoc (as well as in bulk), I am putting this into MyLibrary as a testing ground for the JMD format and to give you another tool to play with! Please read the following text to understand how this new addition works!

Plus some minor fixes...

4th January 2010 : v2.10

Minor fixes including:

3rd January 2010 : v2.0

Major new release!

The new v2.0 version of MyLibrary features an improved layout, more management features and a dedicated SongCard window (which will also feature on Meridian Scheduler in due course). As well as the new look, the following features have been added since v1.14:

As this is a major version change - your existing registration will not work. You must apply for a new code (free to existing users). E-Mail me for a new code ;)

16th December 2009 : v1.14

10th December 2009 : v1.13

You may now export a PSquared-compatible CSV file which you can use to slipstream your Audiowall fileswith updated ARTIST,TITLE,DESCRIPTION,INTRO,SEGUE,END data. You will need the Advanced Tools Pack which is anadditional PSquared purchase - as I don't run Myriad here I cannot help too much with this this but the user who requested it says it works very well ;)

This was added because they wanted to import a large amount of audio into their playout system. Using MyLibrary, they were able to set the IN/OUT points of each track rather quickly. They then used the Cart Bulk button to set the (future) Cart numbers of these items and exported the list to a CSV file. They ran the importer in Myriad - then the Audiowall Update tool which then matched the MyLibrary CSV file to the new Audiowall Carts and inserted the data accordingly.

I advise a full backup of your Myriad database should you wish to attempt such a task!

The format of the Myriad CSV is constructed as follows:

(the timings are in seconds to 2 decimal places)

1000,CHASING PAVEMENTS,ADELE,2008,5.70,205.55,e

8th December 2009 : v1.12

4th December 2009 : v1.11

30th November 2009 : v1.1

29th November 2009 : v1.0 revision 110

28th November 2009 : v1.0 revision 109

27th November 2009 : v1.0 revision 108

26th November 2009 : v1.0 revision 107

25th November 2009 : v1.0 revision 106

24th November 2009 : v1.0 revision 105

23nd November 2009 : v1.0 revision 104

23nd November 2009 : v1.0 revision 103

22nd November 2009 : v1.0 revision 102

21st November 2009 : v1.0 revision 101


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