Playout Systems and Tag Types

MyLibrary supports a variety of playout systems, schedulers and tagging formats - Coverting from one to another (or creating a duplicate copy) is quite straightforward in practice but may require a little thinking beforehand.  Typically, you would add your audio tracks into MyLibrary (via folder load, M3U, drag'n'drop) using a particular Read method and then Export/Write to whatever format you wished to.

A ZIP file of CartChunk files is available on my website next to the MyLibrary download.

Unsupported Formats/Systems

BSI Simian uses a proprietry "Chunk" format in the WAV file.  They really should know better.

DRS2006 state there is no way to import from a CSV file or industry-standard CartChunk because "nobody ever asked for it" and the developer does not seem interested in making it possible. This means that anybody wanting to use DRS2006 would have to re-enter *ALL* their cue points and tag info from scratch. Yes, really.

RadioDJ never responded to requests for an import spec.

Playout developers would be wise to document the procedure for importing files en-masse if they want to encourage people to use their software!

Supported Formats/Systems
The majority of playout formats supported here are usually a result of public documentation and/or a widely-accepted standard (like CSV or CartChunk) with some trial/error along the way. The following topics detail the various types of tag and meta-data that is supported by MyLibrary...

APE - MP3 only - not supported in WAV files
When reading APE/ID3 Tags, if BOTH tags are not present, MyLibrary will default the Artist+Title fields to the filename.  APE Artist+Title will be favoured over ID3v2 to ensure compatibility with StationPlaylist.  This is the tag format to use if you wish to exchange information with SPL Creator+Studio .

AudioEnhanceDPS .ton File - a data file format which sits alongside the audio

BCX3/BCX-DJ - .bcx files (similar to .jmd) which sit alongside the audio file. Uses the INI file format - details here

Broadcast Radio / PSquared CSV and XML - for AutoTrack and Myriad v3, v4, v5

Cart Chunk - various vendor formats incl: AudioVault, EncoDAD, Genesys, Myriad, PlayoutONE, RCS Master Control, RCS Zetta, Wide Orbit - details here

Dalet XML - for use with Ace Audio Conversion Engine - details here

Enco Presenter and DADpro32 - TXT files for use with DropBox and NewDB XML format - details here

FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec

Genesys - via CartChunk and a direct "Send to" feature - details here

ID3v1 - MP3 only
ID3v2 - MP3 only

JMD "JockMaster" - for Bravo, DAC Cartwall, SoundFusion and my other software
This format saves ALL of the supported fields within MyLibrary and is the suggested tagging format to retain all data - details here

mAirList v3, v4, v5, v6 - details here

PlayoutONE - uses CartChunk (WAV) and also the ID3v2 "Album" field in MP3 files, details here

Propfrexxprovisional support for pfmd tags now in place

RCS Selector GUID XML, details here

RCS Zetta - via Copy CSV %token% Export to Clipboard  menu - Zetta has a flexible import "mapper" which lets you define the fields allowing you to populate its library however you like.

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