The Song Card

The MyLibrary Song Card allows you to alter the properties of a song - this window offers a variety of textboxes, dropdowns and buttons - Please take some time to familiarize yourself with each one.

Important - Song Card Data
Please note that the Song Card does not load the data shown in the current list view - it loads whatever tag/meta-data you have set in the Config window.  The very last part of the Song Card window title will tell you what data is being read.

Shortcut Keys
The following shortcuts can be used on the SongCard:

Viewing a Track's JMD Data File
You can load a track's JMD file by clicking the text label "Saving JMD Data File" next to the Save button - this will load the JMD contents into Notepad.  You can also see the contents of a file's tag properties using the Show File Tags for this File right-click menu from the main list view.

Navigating without exiting the SongCard
Using the new up/down buttons - it is now possible to load songs from the current list without exiting the SongCard

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