Weather Display

It is possible to show the temperature for up to 5 locations - useful if you broadcast to a large area and need to know how things are a few miles away.  The display can be in Celcius or Fahrenheit and the data is updated every 15 minutes.  Your StudioScreen computer will therefore need an internet connection for this feature to work.

On the LEDs and Weather tab of of the Config window, you can set the parameters for the weather display: The City Lookup is just the place name, but you may need to suffix it with ,GB (if in that location) if the temperature value doesn't look right.  Use the link below to find the correct city name for the API.  You can also define a display name which appears on the main StudioScreen display.  The default units are Celcius, but you can use Fahrenheit if you're of the imperial persuasion.

You'll need a free API key from OpenWeatherMap: and there is a limit of 60 calls per minute with each free account - StudioScreen polls 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times every 15 minutes so you'll be well within this limit.  On their site is a ZIP'd list of city names, so if you have trouble finding the correct entry for your location - that should give you a pointer.

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