SureLog is designed to be as simple as possible - but there are only a few config options to set before reliable logging can be started...

Audio Device
The soundcard used for recording - ensure that you select the Line In (or Stereo Mix / What You Hear) in Windows' Control Panel.

Recording Format
The format of the recording - 128k-320k Stereo MP3 plus Mono/Stereo PCM WAV.

Filename Format
This is the structure of the filename that is recorded - You may enter any name here as well as the following DateTimeFormat tokens :

The default format of %YYYY%-%MM%-%DD%_%HH%%NN%  is advised.

Auto Start eg: 24/7 logger - this would be required for typical broadcast logging
Ensures that SureLog begins recording when started. When this option is enabled, you can only stop the recording by right-clicking the "Stop Logging" button and selecting "Yes". This is to prevent accidental logging mishaps. When this option is NOT enabled, you can left-click to Start/Stop in the normal way.

Hourly Files - this would be required for typical broadcast logging
SureLog will create a new file each hour - this is the usual method for a radio station logger.  If a file already exists, such as when the clocks go back - SureLog will create the same time-stamped file but append _new to the filename to denote that it had to create a new file.

Use Joystick Button 1 to activate recorder
In conjunction with the joystick port, the recorder can be controlled remotely - ideal for creating a DJ aircheck recording.  Great for podcasts, too!

Append to File - continuous Aircheck File - great for "best of" podcasts and DJ snoops
This will record to the same file: SureLog Aircheck.wav rather than give you individual timed files.  The purpose of this feature is to provide a single file for your aircheck recordings - Care should be taken when using/editing a file that is being recorded!  Works in WAV mode only at this time.

Log Mic Live Positions - for use with SureLogPBK
In conjunction with the joystick port, SureLog will log the microphone points during an aircheck.  This can be useful when reviewing a long audio file and you wish to jump to each DJ break quickly.

UDP on Port 5010
Enables incoming UDP control on Port 5010 - Commands can be send from Enco DADpro32, Myriad etc. START_SURELOG and STOP_SURELOG are currently supported.

An example of control via the mAirList' Notification Script interface would use the following command as part of the "event":


Delete Files over xx days old
Files past this limit will be permanently deleted - this action is performed each day at Midnight.  There is also a guide to tell you how much storage you will need to maintain the archive at the current bit-rate/format. eg: 42 days of 192k MP3 takes up approx 84.6GB.

Audio Recording Path
This is where the audio recordings will be saved - remember that PCM/WAV files take up a lot of space, so ensure that you have plenty of storage space!

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