SureLog is designed to be as simple as possible - but there are only a few config options to set before reliable logging can be started...

Audio Device
The soundcard used for recording - ensure that you select the Line In (or Stereo Mix / What You Hear) in Windows' Control Panel.

Recording Format
The format of the recording - 128k-320k Stereo MP3 plus Mono/Stereo PCM WAV.

Filename Format
This is the structure of the filename that is recorded - You may enter any name here as well as the following DateTimeFormat tokens :

The default format of %YYYY%-%MM%-%DD%_%HH%%NN%  is advised.

Auto Start eg: 24/7 logger - this would be required for typical broadcast logging
Ensures that SureLog begins recording when started. When this option is enabled, you can only stop the recording by right-clicking the "Stop Logging" button and selecting "Yes". This is to prevent accidental logging mishaps. When this option is NOT enabled, you can left-click to Start/Stop in the normal way.

Hourly Files - this would be required for typical broadcast logging
SureLog will create a new file each hour - this is the usual method for a radio station logger.  If a file already exists, such as when the clocks go back - SureLog will create the same time-stamped file but append _new to the filename to denote that it had to create a new file.

Use Joystick Button 1 to activate recorder
In conjunction with the joystick port, the recorder can be controlled remotely - ideal for creating a DJ aircheck recording.  Great for podcasts, too!

Append to File - continuous Aircheck File - great for "best of" podcasts and DJ snoops
This will record to the same file: SureLog Aircheck.wav rather than give you individual timed files.  The purpose of this feature is to provide a single file for your aircheck recordings - Care should be taken when using/editing a file that is being recorded!  Works in WAV mode only at this time.

Log Mic Live Positions - for use with SureLogPBK
In conjunction with the joystick port, SureLog will log the microphone points during an aircheck.  This can be useful when reviewing a long audio file and you wish to jump to each DJ break quickly.

UDP on Port 5010
Enables incoming UDP control on Port 5010 - Commands can be send from Enco DADpro32, Myriad etc. START_SURELOG and STOP_SURELOG are currently supported.

Archive Files over xx days old
Files past this limit will be compressed to either 64k Mono, 128k Mono or 192k Stereo for long term storage.

Delete Files over xx days old
Files past this limit will be permanently deleted - this action is performed each day at Midnight.  There is also a guide to tell you how much storage you will need to maintain the archive at the current bit-rate/format. eg: 42 days of 192k MP3 takes up approx 84.6GB.

Audio Recording Path
This is where the audio recordings will be saved - remember that PCM/WAV files take up a lot of space, so ensure that you have plenty of storage space!

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