v1.62 - updated 16th August 2021 
Free Broadcast Audio Logger

NOTE: This software is free - there is no support!

SureLog is an audio logger designed to record hourly files in either MP3 or linear PCM (WAV) format.  It can create a new file at the start of each hour and name them according to the current date/time.  It offers a very simple interface, auto-start, a simple layout - Start/Stop control, Settings, LED indicator, VU meter and audio properties.

Keeping a log of your station (or studio) output is a good idea - Especially as it may be part of your licence conditions.  All OFCOM-licensed stations in the UK are required to keep an audio log for 42 days.  Can also be used to compile "best-of" show compilations and promos.

SureLog offers the following features :


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