Sound Device
The soundcard used for playback - When you press "Save Settings", the device is automatically changed so no need to exit and restart the program.

This is the time in milliseconds that the Rewing/Fast-Forward buttons will seek by on the PFL Player.  Remember that the progress bar can be scrubbed for moving around a long file so this setting can be quite small in order for you to accurately seek to a point ready to set a cue marker.

JMD Path
This is where your JMD metadata files are stored - if you use MyLibrary, you will need to set this to the same path in order for the data to match.

Cart Chunk PostTimers
Because some automation systems use the Cart Chunk PostTimer markers in different ways, you have the option of selecting from 6 popular playout systems as well as entering your own values if needed.

Popular marker headings include: AUDs, AUDe, INT, INTs, INTe, INT1, MRK1, MRK2, SEC, SEGs, SEGe, SEG1, TER

Save Start/End Dates to CartChunk
Optionally writes the dates into the CartChunk header

Save Myriad v5 XML Files (else Send to Genesys)
When ticked, uTag will save an accompanying XML meta-data file for the audio.  If left un-ticked, it will perform the existing "Send to Genesys" action.

Genesys Playout System
If you wish to send a WAV file to your Genesys import folder, add the following to your uTag.ini file :


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