Music Library Data

Managing songs, tagging attributes and setting intro/hook/segue points are a necessary evil in radio – Wouldn’t it be nice if you could kick-start your music library with some pre-existing data? Now you can – I am offering a set of data files which have the potential to auto-populate over 17,700 audio with meta-data.

These JMD files work with MyLibrary and allow you to tag, manage and export song details to 10 different playout systems. The files match your existing songs by filename in Artist – Title.ext format and work with FLAC, MP3 or WAV files. You supply the audio and any matching filenames are automatically tagged for you. eg: ABBA – Dancing Queen.mp3 (or .flac/.wav) will be tagged with the data from ABBA – Dancing Queen.jmd from this data set.  You could even use the CSV file to “slipstream” (using an SQL query) missing fields (such as Years) into an existing database.

JMD File Example
(JMD filenames are *not* case-sensitive)

  • Over 17,700 JMD Data Files for use with MyLibrary – spans 1952 to now
  • Includes Intro/Hook/Outro/Segue Cue Points, Years, Categories/Genres, BPM, Tempo, Gender
  • Includes a CSV (comma-separated-value) summary text file of the data
  • Requires a song with a matching filename
  • With MyLibrary, you can export this data to at least TEN playout systems: AudioEnhanceDPS, AutoTrack, BCX3, Dalet (via the ACE converter), Enco DAD/Presenter, Genesys, mAirList, Myriad v3/v4/v5, Natural Music, PlayoutONE, Powergold, RCS NexGen/Selector/Master Control/Zetta, StationPlaylist Creator/Studio

Here’s a full track-listing of data supplied. (this list is updated once a month)

For advanced renaming of filenames (find/replace, add/prefix/suffix etc), I think Bulk Rename Utility is excellent.

Sample JMD FilesThis ZIP file contains a few sample files which you can match up with your own audio files and load into MyLibrary to see how the data works.  MyLibrary filenames are *not* case-sensitive.

To make full use of the data, use MyLibrary to read the JMDs when you load your audio.  You can then manage, tag and export the songs to the playout system of your choice. The cost of this data is £50 and represents the time and effort taken to create and maintain it. The files are delivered by e-mail – it is your responsibility to ensure that you can receive an e-mail attachment of around 9MB.

You will receive the following :

  • Over 17,700 JMD Data Files (in ZIP format)
  • CSV summary spreadsheet of data – a full-column version can be generated in MyLibrary for direct import into a scheduler and/or playout system.

Purchase Music Library Data

Or contact me if you wish to pay via Bank Transfer.

(this is not an automatic download so please allow me some time after purchase so I can put the latest files into a ZIP and e-mail them to you).  You are strongly advised to keep a backup copy of this data should you a) lose it or b) mess it up (!)