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MyLibrary is an intelligent file tagger and library application – You can manage your audio files on a “per folder” basis or via M3U/tab-delimited files that can contain details of your music library.  You can then edit extra details like Intro/Segue times, EndType, Opener and Category.  To save re-reading large folders, you can save the data to a single character/tabbed text-file.

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MyLibrary supports OVER TEN Playout Systems…

  • Do you want to import meta-data (artist, title, year, cue-points etc) into the following systems from ONE place (without having to enter the same data over and over again) ?  AudioEnhanceDPS, AutoTrack, BCX3, Dalet (via the ACE converter), EncoDAD, Genesys, mAirList, Natural Music, Powergold, PSquared AutoTrack/Myriad, RCS NexGen/Selector/Master Control/Zetta, StationPlaylist Creator/Studio – No other application currently handles this many playout systems!

  • Want to automatically detect cue points for quickly getting a “playout ready” library imported ?

  • Want to edit cue points (intro, hook, segue etc) from your EncoDAD library but don’t like their hard-to-use editor ?

  • Want to import songs into RCS Selector using the XML format AND have all the cue (intro, hook, segue) points set ?

  • Want to save Cart Chunk tags for direct import into EncoDAD, Genesys, Myriad or RCS Master Control ?

  • Need a quick and simple audio editor that allows you to see the cue points and perform basic edits ?

  • Do you need to import your tag data into Powergold ?

  • Want to scan your music for BPMs ?

  • Or do you just want a simple audio tagger that allows you to sort and export according to Genre, Duration, Year etc ?

It’s probably better to ask “What can’t MyLibrary do?” – It does a fair amount, that’s for sure.  In short, if you want to manage your audio library and/or export to various playout systems/schedulers whilst keeping Cart/CutIDs identical then MyLibrary is probably the tool you need!  It supports popular tag formats such as APE, ID3v1+2, plus the broadcast-industry Cart Chunk format as well as FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV (PCM) file formats.

In short, MyLibrary can help you manage a home music library as well as export cue-data and other information to a broadcast playout system and/or scheduler.

There is a fair amount of support for professional playout systems such as Dalet, Enco’s DAD, mAirList, PSquared’s AutoTrack/Myriad and StationPlaylist Creator/Studio.  Exporting your “domestic” library to a playout system and/or scheduler is now just a single click away.  It’s also being used in the Netherlands to import into the Dalet playout system!  Using / delimited styles, you can export a particular genre/style (as well as other properties like EndType, Opener, Style, Year etc) to a simple text file (ie: M3U format) which you can then load into a scheduler (such as StationPlaylist Creator) – this enables you to be a bit more picky about what files are contained in your Creator Categories.


So, what can it do ?

  • Manages a library of audio – via folders, M3U playlist or CSV file
    Tested with my library of 17,000 tracks

  • Save to multiple tags/meta-data and CSV/Tabbed Text Files
    With one click, the Song Card can save to all of the supported tag/meta formats at the same time

  • Uses popular “character/tabbed text file” for library
    Makes import/export into MS/Open Office and/or databases a doddle

  • Sort and Export Fields – by style, year, end type, tempo etc   [click to view export window]
    Creates M3U lists for importing into schedulers or playout programs

  • AutoCue Detection
    CueIn and Segue points can be auto-detected for quick-loading of tracks into a playout system

  • Play audio, set cue/intro/segue points and export to various playout programs
    Cue points can be set to 1ms accuracy

  • Get Artist/Title data from the filename
    Filenames comprising ARTIST – TITLE can be set at the click of a button

  • Create, edit and save MP3 Tags
    APE (compatible with StationPlaylist) and ID3v2 file tags – either by file or bulk-read/write

  • Scan for BPMs
    You can scan your music tracks for BPMs and then save them to APE/ID3 and/or JMD

  • Manage Your StationPlaylist Creator Tracks
    MyLibrary can function as an alternative to StationPlaylist’s Track Tool program.  You can manage your Creator music using MyLibrary, assign multiple categories – sort via a specific category, copy the filenames to the clipboard and then paste them into your SPL song category.

    Allows easy managing of groups where songs exist in several categories and you do not want to move the files around.  Cue, Intro and Segue points can also be set.

  • Export mAirList v3,4,5 MMD Files
    Create data files for the mAirList playout software

  • Cart Chunk   [NOT IN DEMO]
    The following Cart Chunk fields are written to: Artist, Title, OutCue, UserDef, AUDs (cuein), INT3/INTe (intro), OUT2/SEG1/SEGs (segue point).  This allows for full integration with most broadcast systems such as AudioVault, EncoDAD, Myriad, Master Control, Selector, Wide Orbit etc.

  • Waveform Audio Editor   [MAX 3 MINUTE FILES IN DEMO]
    As part of the Song Card, you can make basic edits and set cue points in a visual manner. The following actions are currently available: Delete, Fade In, Fade Out, Normalize, Top ‘n’ Tail, Volume Up/Down 10% and Undo.

    When using the waveform view, the cue points are shown on the display and they can be moved either by dragging them or using the normal +/- buttons.  The Editor does not support FLAC or Dalet SND files.

  • Create, edit and save BCX3 files and ButtonBox DB
    Allows you to manage your BCX playout machines at the same time – either by file or bulk-read/write
    A ButtonBox DB can also be created – this saves you having to re-cache a button.
    Timed at 3-4 seconds with my 18,000 library of songs – normally takes about 12-15 minutes within BCX3 😉

  • Import DRS2006 HRData.txt Database
    An existing DRS2006 database file can be imported into MyLibrary for export to tag, meta-data or CSV

  • Export WAV files to the Genesys playout system   [NOT IN DEMO]
    You can easily send your CartID’d WAV files direct to a Genesys import folder with 1 click

  • Exports Myriad Audiowall and AutoTrack CSV   [NOT IN DEMO]
    Allows you to import timing/end data into your Myriad Audiowall (eg: using PSquared‘s Advanced Tools Pack or Import Wizard)

  • Creates EncoDAD DropBox Meta-Data   [NOT IN DEMO]
    Populates a text-file alongside your audio with valid EncoDAD fields which DropBox can read (includes CutID)

  • Load an EncoDAD CUTS.dbf Library   [NOT IN DEMO]
    Allows you to view and export your DAD library to a CSV file for importing into a music scheduler

  • Edit an EncoDAD CUTS.dbf Library   [NOT IN DEMO]
    Now you can easily edit cue/intro/segue points in your DAD library directly within MyLibrary – why tie-up a studio when you can do it from the office!

  • RCS Selector GUID / XML Import   [NOT IN DEMO]
    Copy your WAV songs to a new folder with RCS-style GUID filenames and songs.xml Import list for RCS Song Exchange

  • Dalet XML Output for the ACE Converter by Trinity Software   [NOT IN DEMO]
    Create an XML meta file for each song ready for conversion and import into Dalet using the ACE converter.  Dalet XML Test File
    The Audio Conversion Engine is a third-party product and is available from Trinity Software