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NewsBud is a desktop newsroom solution for small/medium stations who wish to create, edit and broadcast news bulletins/scripts.  With NewsBud, you can view a series of RSS news-feeds, copy+paste the text into a new story and compile it into a full bulletin along with audio clips for playout using the "Studio Panel".  This is a simple-to-use playback and reader screen offering easy text-scrolling and audio playout.

NewsBud Pro is coming...
An updated version of the original NewsBud application sees a database-driven Bulletin/Story system with more features, an improved studio playout interface and more...  Details to follow in due-course...

NewsBud is FREE - just download it and use it.  If you don't like it, then you've not lost anything.  There are some more advanced products out there but this application can be used where budgets are non-existent or you simply want to use it to practice at home.

NewsBud offers the following features :

  • Audio Recorder and Editor
    Record audio directly into NewsBud or edit existing audio files (MP2/MP3/WAV formats supported)

  • Bulletin + Story/Script Management
    Add and manage news stories - add them to bulletins as well as drag 'n' drop of associated audio cuts

  • RSS News Feed Reader
    Presets allow for a up to 100 RSS feeds to be loaded and viewed via the internal HTML browser

  • Estimated Story Length
    A display of the approximate length a story will take to read - useful for getting your news bulletins to 3 minutes!

  • Network Friendly
    No database to worry about - NewsBud works with simple text files and can operate over a network in conjunction with other workstations when used with a common DataPath via a mapped drive

Audio Editor - Record and Edit Audio Clips RSS Feed Reader - List the latest stories from your RSS feeds

Bulletin/Script Editor - Edit Stories and Manage Bulletins Studio Panel - for playout of Bulletins


NewsBud Downloads

NewsBud v1.1 Setup
Full installation for first-time users.

NewsBud v1.1 Update
Latest EXE and Help for existing users -  you MUST have a previous installation of NewsBud to use this update.

NewsBud CHM Help File
This is included with the program but is offered here for quick reading.

NewsBud is now FREE - If you like it, make a 10 donation!

The Small Print
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