This is an application that was written for a customer who wanted to see what broadcast transmitters were nearby. Ofcom produce a resource known as TXParams which offers AM, DAB and FM transmitter data (location, ERP, RDS and such).  Their CSV files allow for easy handling of this information making it possible to display it in a user-friendly list or map…with a little coding effort!

My solution allows you to specify a frequency (or “all”) and select a range – you are then offered a list of matching transmitters/stations in order of distance from your location.  Uses include: Identify a potential frequency for a new service (like a Community Radio Station) or simply to find out what stations are nearby and what services you can get from a nearby DAB multiplex.  An option allows you to filter for nearby Community stations.  You can also find for a specific service within a set distance, eg: Find all BBC Radio 1 transmitters within 100 miles and so on.

This was a quick ‘n’ dirty build and would work much better in a browser using PHP, MySQL and a mapping interface (such as OpenStreetMaps) – as, at the time, I couldn’t find an existing solution (although a map version has since been written) that offered the data in a “human readable” form.

RadioLookup SoftwareResults offered included: Distance, Frequency, Station/Service, Location/Site and In-Use ERP.  Additional features available to the client included an ERP filter plus a “clear frequency search” offering potential “gaps” on the AM/FM bands.  This works via the location+range filter plus removing frequencies +/-200KHz (18KHz for AM) either side of the “offending” service – a very non-scientific method but provides a general idea of how cluttered the band is.

It relies on the Ofcom TXParams files being updated, so I can only update it when they do.  Please don’t tell me about errors in it!  Also, if you are not interested in UK radio station data then this software is not for you.

Download – offered “as is” without support

RadioLookup Setup  (updated 1st November 2019)
This basic version is FREE and can be used as often as you like.  Over 60 pre-set locations are included, but up to 100 can be defined.  You can run the latest installer “over the top” of an existing one without losing your location presets, it’ll just update the OFCOM database.

AM, DAB, FM Transmitter Locations in GPX format (updated 3rd November 2019)
These were created using the TXParams CSV data and simply tweaked to show as Waypoints in Garmin’s Basecamp software.

  • Find Available AM/FM Frequencies and List TXs at this Site are only available in the registered version.  To register your copy, a one-off payment of £5 is required.  Click here to make a £5 payment via Nochex.

Examples of use :

  • Identifying potential frequencies for a new service on AM or FM
  • Finding out how many Community Radio stations are within nn km/miles of you
  • Finding all transmitters for a particular station within nn km/miles of you
  • Seeing what services you can pick up when you travel to a different part of the country