RadioLookup Transmitter FinderThis application produces a list of broadcast transmitters near to a specific location. Ofcom have a resource known as Technical Parameters which offers AM, DAB and FM transmitter data (such as location, ERP, RDS and such). These CSV files allow for easy handling of this information making it possible to display it in a user-friendly list or map…obviously with a little coding effort.

My solution lets you specify a frequency (or “all”) and select a range – you are then offered a list of matching transmitters/stations in order of distance from your location. Uses include: Identify a potential frequency for a new service (like a Community Radio Station) or simply to find out what stations are nearby and what services you can get from a nearby DAB multiplex. An option allows you to filter for nearby Community stations. You can also find for a specific service within a set distance, eg: Find all transmitters for “Heart” within 50 miles of Bristol and so on.

Examples of use :

Search results offered include: Distance, Frequency, Station/Service, Location/Site, In-Use ERP and Site/Aerial Height. The “Frequency Finder” highlights potential “gaps” on the AM/FM bands. This works via the location+range filter plus removing frequencies +/-200KHz (18KHz for AM) either side of the “offending” service – a not-very-scientific method but provides a general idea of how cluttered the band is.


RadioLookup Free v1.17 Setup  (updated 11th January)
This software is now FREE and can be used as often as you like.  Over 80 preset locations are included, but up to 500 can be defined. In order to see the latest data, just run this installer “over the top” of your existing installation.

This software is normally updated a day or so after Ofcom publish their latest “TX Params” spreadsheet (which usually happens when there has been significant changes to services/transmitters).  There may also be features/fixes to the program as required.  Any errors in Ofcom’s data are faithfully reproduced in this software(!)