Radio is all about communication – but how good are the internal communications?  If you’re a Community station relying on a mixed-bag of volunteers, specialist shows with guests, bands and a different topic each day – How can you effectively communicate that to your listeners?  Sending your studio an e-mail about your upcoming show is fine until it disappears below the viewing pane.  A piece of paper in the studio may get lost, or ignored.

ScriptBox for Live Reads and Presenter Info

ScriptBox is a tool for managing and reading scripts and presenter-reads during a radio show.  It allows station staff to add/edit reads whether they are for a show, event or other “thing” that is happening.  In the studio, it’s easy to use – and presenters can sort by date, pick a random read or follow a set order.  There’s even a reports section so management can see if a read was missed and/or check it’s use against the station’s audio logger.


  • Manage scripts and promo-reads for radio stations
  • Reports allow for easy check-up on use (or not!)
  • Studio-mode is FREE – a purchase is required to run ScriptBox in Admin-mode (to add/edit/manage scripts)
  • Use over a network – or even in conjunction with Dropbox

A demo will be available late September and the price will be under £50…