The Secret to being Good on the Radio

I’m going to share with you what I think makes *anybody* “good” on the radio.  The following piece of advice will help you do a better show, make it easier to manage and enjoy more.

Learn how the equipment works….

Learning how the equipment works is a sure way to help you make better radio – once you have complete grasp of how the studio works, not only is it 1 less thing to worry, but you will find yourself being more creative because you understand what the equipment can do, how to achieve it, and when you know something is not possible.

Have you ever asked yourself: “Am I doing this properly?” or “Is there a better way to achieve xxx?”.

Don’t be afraid of “tech”!  Technology is meant to make our lives easier – and it can certainly make a radio show easier to plan, more fun to present and better-sounding to the listener.  Using the equipment right is paramount to success here: Usually, a low budget or lack of experience by a decision-maker can lead to the wrong process being adopted – actually making things worse for those learning as well as those who have experience elsewhere and need to adjust to this strange way of working.

Whether it’s something like knowing how to set up a 3-song music sweep, adjust timings to hit the news or how to position your microphone – Knowing how to “drive” your studio can make all the difference.