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    A selection of Online Help files are also available allowing you to easily find out more about the software features…

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  • Activation Keys are NOT sent automatically – You need to apply for a licence after purchase. On each application is a “Register” window – Send me the Name/Station that you are registering for (this will be for my records and displayed on the program itself) plus the Machine Code shown for the computer/s you are licensing. Not got your unlock code? – See “Why haven’t I received my activation key?”

  • Bulk Licences and Offers – Purchases of multiple licences/applications will usually attract a discount, please contact me with your requirements and I’ll try to offer you a solution that fits your budget. The price you see “per licence” means that you can use the software for life (at that particular version) with no further costs. Please see my Terms of Sale for complete details.

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This is a simple application that lets you create advert logs via drag ‘n’ drop – Just drop audio files into the main window, add Break Markers to separate each Ad-Break (even transmitter codes) – then export to the format of your choice.

You can import a simple M3U playlist (perhaps from StationPlaylist Creator) and then export it to a more advanced format, such as Myriad’s AdLog format or my own AdPlay format. Once you’ve got an AdLog created, you can save it with all of the details an easily open it again later for editing.  Price reduced!


[more details here]

The Bravo program offers a playout environment for a variety of broacast scenarios – Whether you’re a bedroom DJ, Community/RSL station or internet broadcaster, you’ll find that Bravo offers a great range of features for a cost-effective price. The database is compatible with DAC Cartwall, JockMaster and SoundFusion allowing multiple studios (and applications) to share/edit audio.

This beta version should not be considered “on-air stable” until the version rolls over to v2.xx

Special “lifetime licence” buyout during new v2 BETA phase.  This price will almost certainly double once the software is “live”.  A monthly rolling licence will also be available.


[more details here]

Audio file downloader and processor – downloads a file at a set time, normalizes, top/tails it and saves it to a local or networked location.

Most users are running this to grab “FSN News” each hour.

You can run multiple copies on the same PC with a single purchase!

Please note that this software is no longer updated but will be followed by GetFile Pro in the near future…


[more details here]

As well as the clock+date displays, the current song from your playout system can be shown along with status indicators for Mic Live, Phone and Door/Alarm. Fully functional for 30 minutes at a time until registered.

Basic licence offers Clock, VU Meter, Now Playing and 1 “OnAir” status LED. Pro features gives you access to LEDs 2,3,4 and UDP remote control.

uScreen Logo uScreen

[more details here]

Audio display, studio clock and routing/split controller


[more details here]

Split advert/jingle playout for radio stations/networks and syndication.

Demo available to bona-fide broadcasters – please contact me for details.

DAC Cartwall

[more details here]

Instant audio player and production recorder – 10 pages per set, 56 buttons per page, un-limited number of set plus an easy-to-use telephone/production recorder/editor and file browser – works great with a touchscreen!

Lifetime licence is a single one-off payment for all future upgrades on a “per machine” basis.

Additional licences attract a discount:


[more details here]

Audio tagger, playlister, organizer and automation export utility – Offers a variety of export templates for broadcast audio systems including: AudioEnhanceDPS, BCX3, Dalet, EncoDAD, Genesys, mAirList, Myriad, RCS Zetta, StationPlaylist as well as APE, CartChunk, ID3 tags and more…


[more details here]

SoundFusion has been designed for Community Radio, RSL (Restricted Service Licence) and Hobby Broadcasters who require a radio-friendly way of playing music/jingles but without the additional features (and costs!) of a professional playout application.

The database is compatible with Bravo, DAC Cartwall and JockMaster allowing multiple studios (and applications) to share/edit audio.


[more details here]

Record split voice-track links for multiple transmitters/regions.

Lite Licence – this is limited to 4 split feeds, for smaller stations/groups :

A demo is now available on the downloads page.  The 12-split version is for larger broadcasters and by quotation only – please contact me (telling me about your setup, size, etc) for details.


[more details here]

Broadcast audio logger and airchecker – records MP3/WAV files either continuously or in hourly files. Can also accept a contact-closure from your mixer to provide a ‘scoped aircheck for DJ snooping. An essential tool – logging your station’s output is usually mandatory, and certainly helps keep tabs on your presenters!