This is a simple application that monitors a text file created by your playout software – when the file is updated, SHOUTcaster will update your SHOUTcast server with the contents of that file.  Typically, this is ARTIST – TITLE.  SHOUTcaster will check the text file every 5 seconds – if the file has been modified, it will be updated.

XML files from AutoPlus and Dalet can be used – The default is Dalet-style but AutoPlus can be set by entering Autoplus , Artist , Title into the XML textboxes on the Config screen.  You can also send a custom text string to your SHOUTcast server.  It will also update your MSN “Now Playing” text if MSN Messenger is running on the same computer!  There is currently no filtering of the content – so you need to ensure that your now playing file does not contain advert/jingle/promo data unless you really want to send that, too!

 This is a FREE application and offered “as-is” with no support whatsoever – this software is no longer actively developed.

SHOUTcaster v2.2 Setup
Full installation for first-time users – if you do not already have an installation of SHOUTcaster, you will need this file.

More Screenshots: SHOUTcaster Config Screen

  • Sends now playing information to 2 SHOUTcast servers

  • Can read a plain text file, Dalet XML, Web-based HTTP or PHP

  • Display current song on your MSN window

  • SHOUTcaster has not been tested with SHOUTcast DNAS v2 so I have no idea if it’s compatible with the new version.  If the HTTP update method is the same, then it should work. YMMV.