SoundFusion has been designed for Community Radio, RSL (Restricted Service Licence) and Hobby Broadcasters who require a radio-friendly way of playing music/jingles but without the additional features (and costs!) of a professional playout application.

It does not voice-track, it simply plays files in Live-Assist or Automated mode – A simple Segue Editor allows you to tighten the overlaps between tracks.  The main Playlist/Player features 2 outputs channels (A+B), with HotKeys, Files/Library PFL, Recorder and Segue PFL all have their own output device.

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  • MP3/WAV Playback : Audio File Support – FLAC option via a plug-in

  • Multiple Outputs : Playlist supports 2 outputs with full overlapping. HotKeys, Recorder and PFL can all be assigned to their own outputs.

  • M3U Playlist Support : Create, edit, load and save industry-standard M3U playlists

  • Simple Start/Next+Stop Control : No more worrying about which button/deck/channel to use – A single Start/Next button brings the Playlist to life and also acts as a Segue/Next command – Starting the next item and fading out the current one.

  • Segue Editor : Simple segue editor allowing you to alter the transitions between tracks – Adjusted segues will not fade early.

  • 20 HotKey Buttons : Instant Jingles that can be played instantly or dropped into your Playlist

  • Database Library : Search tracks, manage your library

  • Recorder Module : Aircheck your show or pre-record your next telephone caller

  • Script Module : Ideal for promo reads etc

  • MSSyles Skin Support : Like most of my applications, there’s support for MSSyles skin files that are freely available and allow you to totally change the look/feel of the GUI – Some examples are shown below. Simply place the files into the program folder and select the new skin from the Config screen.


Playlist Format
Industry standard M3U is supported which means you can feed SoundFusion from most scheduling packages (even WinAmp!).  The format is simply path+filename on each line, eg:


Hour Markers and Text Notes are also quite straightforward:


These can easily be formatted in StationPlaylist Creator – see my Clock/Rotation example and the Playlist Format.

Need a USB Remote-Start Interface?  I sell those, too!