StudioScreen Audio Alerts - click for a larger imageStudioScreen is a display application for showing time, on-air status and other information in a radio studio.  As well as the clock+date displays, the current song from your playout system can be shown along with status indicators for Mic Live, Phone, XD/Phone2 and a Door/Alarm alert.

The Basic licence offers 1 LED, 1 VU Meter, Now Playing display and the clock/date.  The Pro licence adds a 2nd VU Meter, 7 more LEDs, network and RS232 control, RSS news “headlines” and up to 5 city weather temperature displays.


StudioScreen v1.68 Setup
Clock and status software for radio studios: Time, Date, Now Playing plus LED indicators for “Mic Live”, “Phone” etc.

StudioScreen Online Help

  • 4 main LED Status Indicator/Alerts – 1 only in “Basic” licence
    Can be used for OnAir “Mic Live”, Phone flash, XD line, alarm, door alert etc
    A further 4 more LEDs may be enabled via a simple config tweak

  • Clock and Date : Analogue and digital clock plus backtiming and date display

  • Now Playing Display : Reads a text file from your playout system to display the current song

  • Stereo VU Meters : Left/Right VU Meters (2x stereo in “Pro” licence)with “Too Loud” and “Silence Alert” warning labels – Also allows for split monitoring with custom left/right labels.  Left+Right contact-closures to control a silence alarm are also available.

  • Game/Joystick Port and/or Velleman K8055 Control
    Buttons 1,2,3,4 control the Mic, Phone, Door and XD LEDs – The Phone and Door LEDs can be configured to flash during input or remain illuminated continuously – The K8055 outputs can also follow the 4 LEDs, eg: LED1 ON=Output1 ON.

  • RS232 and UDP Network Control – Pro only
    Using a compatible playout system (Enco DAD/Presenter, mAirList, Myriad, Zetta etc) or custom application, IP+Serial commands can be used to trigger the LED indicators.  A simple string: LED1_ON or LED3_OFF controls the illumination.

  • RSS News Headlines – Pro only
    Headlines from your favourite news provider (eg: BBC/Reuters) can be displayed at the bottom of the screen – Up to 10 headlines can be rotated every few seconds depending upon configuration.  A 5 second rotation on 10 headlines works well.  Each time a cycle is completed, the RSS feed is refreshed for new content.
  • StudioScreen Weather DisplayExtensive Configuration : The colours and captions of the LEDs and Captions can be changed to suit your tastes as well as enabled/disabled to suit your configuration requirements.  Language can be changed, too!

  • Weather Display – Pro only
    Up to 5 locations can be displayed showing temperature – great for weather-checks and knowing what’s happening around your broadcast area.