SureLogFREE - Broadcast Audio LoggerSomething for nothing?  Why the hell not!  SureLogFREE is a totally free version of the popular SureLog audio logging software but with a few of the more advanced features removed.

It still logs hourly files… It still reacts to a contact-closure (for snooping), and will auto-start when the program loads-up…  The main limitation is that the audio quality is fixed at 64k/bit stereo MP3.  Although not designed for quality, it gives you an assurance of knowing what was said and/or providing a record of transmission (ROT) for clients’ commericals.

  • 64k/bit Stereo MP3 fixed recording format
  • Continuous or Hourly Files
  • Auto-Start upon run (in case of automated reboot)
  • Joystick remote – Create a new audio file when the microphone faders are opened, perfect for podcasts and aircheck snooping!

In short, no high-quality MP3 or linear WAV, no UDP remote-control or silence alert – just a simple FREE logger.

SureLogFREE v1.15 Setup
Full installation for first-time users – This is a FREE application and offered “as-is” with no support whatsoever.
If you need something a bit more clever’er, and would like the comfort of having some support from me, please take a look at the regular SureLog product.