This page outlines the terms of purchase regarding products on this website as well as answering some of the more common questions – If you still need assistance with terms, availability or pricing, please contact me first.

Demo – Please try it first!

Most programs have a 30 minute limit until registered. Any other limitations in the demo are explained in the program’s Help file.  A selection of online help files can be found here

Activation Keys are NOT sent automatically – You need to apply for a licence after purchase. On each application is a “Register” window – Send me the Name/Station that you are registering for (this will be for my records and displayed on the program itself) plus the Machine Code shown for the computer/s you are licensing. During payment, there is a “message” box where you can put this information to speed up the process.

Activation keys typically run for 1 year are are renewed for free as required – you can apply for a new key before expiry to ensure no down-time.

Some applications are now “end-of-life” and are either free or no longer available – please see the Archived/Free page for details.

Payment / Privacy / Refunds

Online payments are processed securely using Stripe – When you click a payment link, you are taken to a secure payment page on the payment gateway’s site.  Just enter your card details, e-mail address (for payment confirmation and activation key) and pay.  It’s easy, secure and you don’t need an account to use it.  No sensitive information is seen (or stored) by my website nor is your data passed to any third party.

Bank transfer is also possible, details upon request. UK transfers are usually instant whilst European/International payments typically take 3-5 business days.  Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in Pound Sterling – for conversion into your own currency, XE.com is a good conversion tool.

Custom quotes (and volume discounts) are valid for 7-days.

Refunds : Upon receipt of payment and your Machine Code, an Activation Key will be issued.  Once an activation code is issued, refunds are not available except under exceptional circumstances – Ensure that you demo the software before committing to a purchase – if necessary, a short-term “full” licence can be granted to facilitate testing prior to commitment.

In rare circumstances, a conflict of interest may arise if you are near to an existing customer who has purchased software rights exclusively for their broadcast area – if this is the case, a full refund will be issued.

If a refund is given, any obligation for me to provide you with support ends.

Why Haven’t I Received My Activation Key ?

I’m based in England, so if you’re on the west-coast of the USA and you purchase at 7pm your time, I’ll probably be asleep.  I also need access to a PC to generate a code, so if I’m away from my computer then there may be a short delay.

I like to keep my weekends “e-mail free” – so please be patient.

If you’re using a different e-mail address from the one used to purchase or have had a change of staff, you will need to provide proof of purchase.  If you are purchasing on behalf of your station and wish for them to continue using the software after you have left (college/universities are common examples of this situation) then please tell me.  There is no guarantee of service/support to the company/station unless you make it clear at the time of purchase.

Messages from unknown e-mail addresses asking for activation keys will be ignored.

Updates and Support

Most licenses are “Lifetime” – so you may continue to use the software for as long as you like with occasional Activation Key requests for hardware-changes.  These are typically issued for a year and can be renewed for free as they expire.

Purchasing helps me continue to develop the software as well as provide you with support to help you get the most from the software when you need it.

Support for products will be Monday-Friday, on a “best effort” basis and subject to my other commitments.  Activation Keys are the exception and I’ll try to send these back to you ASAP.  Support queries should be as detailed as possible and include steps to replicate the issue.

Help files are available both online and within the software – these should be used in the first instance.

Until you make a purchase, support from me will be limited to answering questions like can I do xxx?” rather than how do I do xxx?”.  I am happy to help you ascertain if the software will do what you want it to, but further assistance over and above the supplied “help” file is for registered users only.

“Support” is not the guarantee of adding a feature (or making a change) to the software – but you are welcome to make suggestions.

Licence Types, eg Single vs Site vs Pro

Most prices on this site are the same regardless of use (eg: non-profit vs commercial) although discounts for volume orders are always possible.

You are buying a right to use the software (and receive support) for the licence duration (usually for life).  Licences are “per machine” and permit 1 registered instance of the software.

The majority of my software uses date-based activation keys – These are typically issued for a year and can be renewed for free as they expire.

Replacement Activation Keys and Re-Installs

If you change your hard-drive or re-format it, you will probably require a new activation from me – a few times a year is fine but I reserve the right to say “no” (or insist upon further payment) if you ask for 10 in the space of a week.

If it is suspected that you are installing multiple copies of the software then previous activation keys may be blocked and/or you may be charged for a replacement activation key.

All activation keys are valid only for the machine on which they were licensed.

Operating Systems

The main problem that Windows presents is User Account Control which locks-down the Program Files folder and can prevent settings/files being saved there.

Ensure that you are logged in as Administrator and right-click the setup EXE and select “Run as Administrator” to ensure that you are installing with full admin rights.  You may also prefer to install to C:\appname instead.

Other OS : I work exclusively in Windows – If you’re running Linux or a Mac and trying to use an emulator, I cannot help you.