Here are some of the more common questions asked about my software…  This should answer the most common/obvious issues – but if you have any questions or comments regarding my software, a feature or perhaps a bulk discount – contact me first.

Demo – Try it first!

Most programs have a 30 minute limit until registered. Once you have paid and applied for an activation key, I will send you a key that will register and unlock your copy.

Activation keys typically run for 1 year are are renewed for free as required.  A selection of online help files can be found here

Some applications are now “end-of-life” are are either free or no longer available – please see the Archived/Free page for details.

Payment / Privacy / Refunds

Online payments are processed securely using Nochex – When you click a payment link, you are taken to a secure payment page on the Nochex site.  Just enter your card details, e-mail address (for payment confirmation and activation key) and pay.  It’s easy, secure and you don’t need an account to use it.  No sensitive information is seen (or stored) by my website nor is your data passed to any third party.

Bank transfer is also possible, details upon request. UK transfers are usally instant whilst European/International payments typically take 3-5 business days.  I do not accept Paypal.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in Pound Sterling – for conversion into your own currency, XE.com is a good conversion tool.

Quotes for software licences and volume discounts are valid for 14-days and those which include hardware are valid for 7 days.

Refunds : Upon receipt of payment and your Machine Code, an Activation Key will be issued.  Once an activation code is issued, refunds are not available except under exceptional circumstances – Ensure that you demo the software before committing to a purchase – if necessary, a short-term “full” licence can be granted to facilitate testing prior to committment.

If a refund is given, any obligation for me to provide you with support ends.

Updates and Support

Most licences now are “Lifetime” – so you you may continue to use the software for as long as you like with occasional Activation Key requests for hardware-changes.

Some software uses date-based activation keys – These are typically issued for a year and renewed for free as they expire.

E-Mail support to paid-up users is always available – if you find a problem or think the software could be improved, please get in touch.

Replacement Activation Codes and Re-Installs

If you change your C: drive or re-format it, you may require a new activation from me – a one-off is usually OK. I reserve the right to say “no” (or charge you) if you ask for 10 in the space of a week!

If it is suspected that you are installing multiple copies of the software then previous activation keys may be blocked and/or you may be charged for a replacement activation key.

All activation keys are valid only for the machine on which they were licenced – codes are not transferable


Why Haven’t I Received My Activation Key ?

Firstly, I’m based in England, so if you’re on the west-coast of the USA and you purchase at 7pm, I’ll probably be asleep.  I also need access to a PC to generate a code, so if I’m out enjoying the fresh air then there may be a short delay.

If you’re using a different e-mail address to the one you used to purchase or have had a change of staff, I may ask for additional verification information.

When you pay using Nochex, there is a textbox to place your Machine Code which can speed-up the sending of your licence.

Licences : Single vs Site / Home / Pro

Most prices on this site are the same regardless of use: A bedroom DJ or large FM radio network will pay the same.  Discounts for volume orders are possible.

You are buying a right to use the software (and receive support) for its duration (usually for life).  Licences are “per machine”, and discounts for multiple purchases are available.

In the case of a version-based licences, you can continue to use the software for life but only within that major version, ie: up to v3.99 but a charge would apply if you wanted to upgrade to v4.xx.

Some software uses date-based activation keys – These are typically issued for a year and renewed for free as they expire.  Most applicatons now warn you if there’s less than 7 days on the licence, so you have plenty of time to get a new code without any downtime.

Version Numbers

The version format is major.minor.revision  A revision is used to show a “beta” that is released to test new features before a full release is issued.eg: DAC Cartwall 2.5 is released, then 2.5.101. This is a beta release and will continue with 2.5.102 etc until a stable release is ready – ending up as 2.51.

It is assumed that a revision version contains new features that may be un-tested in a “live” environment so care should be used when rolling-out an update – In any case, see the Release Notes of the application’s help file for details.

Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 plus 64-bit Compatibility

Programs are currently written (and tested) using Windows 7 Professional 32bit and 64bit.  The main problem that Windows 7 presents is User Account Control which locks-down the Program Files folder and can prevent settings/files being saved there.

Ensure that you are logged in as Administrator and right-click the setup EXE and select “Run as Administrator” to ensure that you are installing with full admin rights.  You may also prefer to install to C:\appname instead.

Windows XP isn’t supported, but programs work fine.

Windows 7 64-bit works but you will need to install to C:\appname rather than “Program Files”.

Windows 8 (and 64-bit) : Several users are running under v8 and 8.1.  I have a number of users of DAC Cartwall using Windows v8.1.  If you are reporting an issue with Windows 8 (or even a success story), please be as detailed as possible.

I have Windows 8.1 64-bit as a test machine here – My apps install and work fine.  If you install under Program Files then you MUST disable User Account Control.

Windows 10 : Applications work as expected as long as you have suitable drivers for your hardware (eg: sound card).  Please report any strange behaviour under Windows 10.

Other OS : I work exclusively in Windows – If you’re running Linux or a Mac, and trying to use an emulator, I can’t help you.