uCart 3 SlotsuCart is a free application for playout of jingles, sound-effects and other audio in a radio broadcast environment. It mimics a traditional NAB cart machine but without the wow/flutter and re-cue time! Loading a slot can be done by dragging a file from Windows’ Explorer or the built-in File Browser. Slots can be ejected after playback if desired. Sequencing of slots is also possible – Enabling you to fire up to 6 carts in sequence with just 1 click. Remote-start via joystick is also supported.

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  • Multiple Outputs
    Assign each slot to different soundcards
  • Auto Sequence of Slots [blue button]
    Audio-based segue of each slot for perfect overlaps
  • Eject or Recue Mode
    Cart slots can be ejected or re-cued after playback
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop
    Use the supplied File Browser or drop files from any Explorer window
  • Remote-Start
    Joystick remote-start via analogue 15-way port or USB interface. Buttons 1-6 start the players. See this image for a 4-button wiring example.

uCart 6 Stacked SlotsA File Browser with 8 preset “Cart Racks” allows you to easily move between your favourite folders of audio/jingles. When loading WAV files, the CartChunk information is read (Artist/Title, CutID, Outcue, Start+End Date, Category) and MP3 files have their ID3v2 tags (Artist/Title, Year, Genre) read. The duration of the file is also shown.

But… fancy something a little bit extra…? Get a 3x Triple-Stack set of Cart Slots upon payment of a one-time £10 donation…

Purchase uCart’s “3x Triple-Stack” option for £10

Features as above but also:

  • 9 Cart Slots
    Can be started via F1-F9 or using my USB joystick remote interface or see this image for a 4-button wiring example
  • Auto Sequence of Slots [blue button]
    Audio-based segue of each slot for perfect overlaps
  • Auto-Fade [yellow button]
    Decks can fade when the next slot is started – Great for bed+tags
  • Re-sizable Window
    Useful for most screen-resolutions
  • Built-In File Browser/Cart Rack
    The bottom-half of the window includes a simple drive/folder/files browser and 16 “favourite” cart-rack folders
  • CartChunk and ID3 Tag Support
    Reads broadcast-standard WAV CartChunk as well as “domestic” ID3v2 tags on MP3 files

This module will see the most development due to it being a paid-for feature… It will soon allow you to use a surround-sound card giving you 3 stereo outputs from a cheap domestic soundcard. This new module is NOT available unless you get an activation key from me…