uDAC Micro Cartwall

uDAC (pronounced: micro-DAC) is available with each DAC Cartwall purchase as well as separately via this page. This application is designed for use on 7″ USB touchscreens or Windows 8 tablets as a low-profile jingle player, outside broadcasts or for when you can’t justify *another* 19/22″ screen in the studio!

The Set files are directly compatible with DAC Cartwall (and my other software) so your existing jingle pages can be used. The Set folder can be defined allowing you to network several uDAC / DAC Cartwall systems for sharing audio between various studios/sites.


  • GUI can be skinned using MSStyles … No more “battleship grey”click here for some examples
    Download a selection of my favourite skin files here
  • 10 pages per Cart Set
  • 24 Instant Audio Buttons per page
  • Designed for use with a touch-screen for quick-fire use
  • VU Meter
  • Keeps a log of all played items
  • Plays FLAC, MP2, MP3 and WAV audio files
  • APE/ID3 and CartChunk Artist/Title support
  • Remote-Control via UDP strings

Have as many cart pages/sets as you need – Station IDs, Liners, Promos, Jock Drops and even Sound Effects/News Clips. It can be used standalone or alongside your playout system to give presenters some flexibility to play there own jingles or audio from portable storages. Audio can be loaded from any visible (local or mapped) drive as well as portable memory such as SD cards and USB sticks. Great for bedroom DJs, college/university stations and community radio.


uDAC v1.20 Setup
Full installation for first-time users – can be run over an existing installation without losing any settings…

This is a FREE application and offered “as-is” with no support whatsoever.