USB Fader Start Interface

USB Remote-Start Joystick InterfaceThis USB Fader-Start Interface gives you the facility to control your playout software from your mixing console.  Powered by a USB connection, it offers joystick, keyboard and RS232 functions which can be executed from a single button-press.

Lots of semi-pro systems offer a joystick remote function so this box is perfect for that – and for the more professional systems, the RS232 or keyboard functions may be used.  The box is pre-programmed with whatever functions you specify – custom keystrokes a speciality!  There are 2 outputs (+5v when active) – If you need switch a source or trigger an on-air light, you can trigger those via the RS232 port.

Keystrokes (eg: F1, CTRL-Q etc) will allow it to work with any software so a simple button-press could start your automation or play a hotkey.  You could use it control the LEDs on StudioScreen or mic-live logging in SureLog.

  • Appears as Joystick (default configuration), and/or Keyboard for remote-start of playout software
  • COM Port allows for RS232 commands to be sent (ie: news on/off)
  • USB connection to computer for control+power
  • 8x 6.35mm remote-start inputs
  • 2x 5v relay outputs via phono/RCA sockets

Compatible, in its default configuration, with the following playout software: AudioEnhanceDPS, BCX3/DJ, Bravo, DAC Cartwall, mAirList, Myriad , StationPlaylist Studio (serial),  StudioScreen and RCS Zetta (serial).

Availability – Shipped within 48 hours  I am happy to ship these to UK or Europe – Please click the correct payment link for your destination.  Included is a 50cm USB cable plus instructions for use.

Default configuration is an 8-button joystick interface with 2x +5v outputs triggered via serial (RS232) strings  – if you need keystrokes (ie: CTRL-P, F1, F2 etc) then let me know.

UK (inc Northern Ireland) : £80 via Royal Mail 1st-Class “Signed-For” postage (usually next working day)
Europe (inc Ireland) : £85 / €96 via Royal Mail International Tracked+Signed postage (3-5 business days)

Drivers [download here]
These will allow the device to appear as a valid interface on your computer.  This device has been tested on Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 64-bit and Windows 10.

USB Interface FAQ
Here are some popular help/tech tips for this interface…

Remote-Start Wiring Diagram

  • How do the remote-sockets work?
    Just short the tip/centre to the outer/sleeve/ground – A simple push-to-make connection.  The sockets are stereo, so it won’t matter if you use mono plugs.

  • Does this work with xxx playout software?
    The simple answer is – Does the software support remote-starts via a joystick interface? If it does, then it will work.

  • What about shortcut keys like F1 or CTRL-P?
    Yes, just let me know what keystrokes you’d like it to generate.  Myriad would be F1, F5, F9, Shift-F1 to engage “Play” on Cart Players 1-4 respectively.  CTRL-Q is Go/Next on the Station Log.  The button inputs don’t have to be joystick actions, but any keyboard command you desire.

  • How do I use this with my Behringer DX1000/DX2000USB?
    Just add 5x 1/4″ (6.35mm) mono (or stereo) patch leads – available from CPC, Maplin or any audio/hi-fi dealer. This will give you button-start on the 5 stereo channels without having to do any soldering or looking for special custom cables.

  • Didn’t you used to supply a fader-modified DX2000USB Mixer?
    I used to, but not any more – They’re quite easy to mod yourself if you can solder and shop around for better faders.  Don’t ask me to help you, though!

  • Do I need any wiring or soldering skills?
    Probably not, especially if your mixer uses 1/4″ sockets for the remotes. Some broadcast desks use 9-pin sub-D connectors – these are readily available from CPC/Maplin etc and it’s assumed that if you’re using a “pro” desk then you have a competent engineer on-hand.  I do not sell cables.

  • Can I use this interface to perform other functions aside from playout control?
    You certainly can – Any software that can accept input from a joystick button will work. You could use it with a custom software application to control studio switching, change monitor/screen displays (eg: CCTV)…

  • Can I re-program this unit if I want to change it?

    Not directly, but I am happy to send you a pre-compiled HEX file for loading into the unit using a free utility.  I do not supply the source-code to this unit!  So, if you want a new button assignment such as an RS232 string then me sending you a new HEX file for loading yourself is how it’s done.