USB Fader Start Interface

USB Remote-Start Joystick Interface

This USB Fader-Start Interface gives you the facility to control your playout software from a mixing console.  Powered by a USB connection, it offers a joystick interface which can be executed from a single button-press.

USB Joystick – 10-inputs  NEW DESIGN!
For any application that supports a joystick input such as AudioEnhanceDPS, BCX-DJ, DAC Cartwall, mAirList, StudioScreen, SureLog.

  • USB Joystick Interface (100x100x50mm)
  • 10 button inputs (start/stop, go, fade etc)
  • Includes 1m USB cable (input is “B” style socket, like most printers)

You could use it to control the LEDs on StudioScreen or mic-live logging in SureLog.

Please note that the previous model, offering joystick/keyboard/RS232 inputs is no longer in production, but I have 2 left – Please contact me if you are interested in them.

Availability – shipped 2-3 days after payment due to large backlog!
I am happy to ship these to UK or Europe – Please click the correct payment link for your destination:

USB Interface FAQ
Here are some popular help/tech tips for this interface…

Remote-Start Wiring Diagram

  • How do the remote-sockets work?
    Just short the tip/centre to the outer/sleeve/ground – A simple push-to-make connection.  The sockets are stereo, so it won’t matter if you use mono plugs.

  • Does this work with xxx playout software?
    The simple answer is – Does the software support remote-starts via a joystick interface? If it does, then it will work.

  • How do I use this with my Behringer DX1000/DX2000USB?
    Just add 5x 1/4″ (6.35mm) mono (or stereo) patch leads – available from CPC, Maplin or any audio/hi-fi dealer. This will give you button-start on the 5 stereo channels without having to do any soldering or looking for special custom cables.

  • Do I need any wiring or soldering skills?
    Probably not, especially if your mixer uses 1/4″ sockets for the remotes. Some broadcast desks use 9-pin sub-D connectors – these are readily available from CPC/RS etc and it’s assumed that if you’re using a “pro” desk then you have a competent engineer on-hand.  I do not sell cables.

  • Can I use this interface to perform other functions aside from playout control?
    You certainly can – Any software that can accept input from a joystick button will work. You could use it with a custom software application to control studio switching, change monitor/screen displays (eg: CCTV).