Here’s a FREE GPIO application for your studio – it uses a joystick input to display up to 10 status LEDs as well as a simple clock and a “now playing” text file display.  You can enable the elements as required and simply drag them around the screen to create your layout.

USBLEDS GPIO Status Display Software

Using a similar GUI to my StudioScreen product, USBLEDs gives you some flexibility with regards to layout and feature-set.  It is ideal for using in+around other applications where you have some spare screen real-estate. It can be used alongside SplitMon, which is part of AdSplits on a wall-mounted screen for presenter info.

It works best if you set your Windows’ desktop background to a solid black colour.

  • Up to 10 LED inputs with “off+on” colours+captions
  • Buttons can react to joystick input or incoming UDP command and even flash for a set duration
  • Buttons can show a simple text-label or the contents of a text file
  • Flexible layout, eg: 1×1, 1×5, 5×1 etc
  • Text file display for “now playing”
  • UDP “listen” (new feature)

My USB Fader-Start Interface is ideal for this program – but you can also use any other joystick controller.


USBLEDs v1,12 Setup
Please note that this software is unsupported.  A basic help file is included.