uScreen Studio Clock Software - showing clock and status LEDs

uScreen – for small (7″) screens, ideal for sitting next to your mixer for display of levels, status and even a transmission router and split/slave controller!  The software can be purchased on its own or I can supply a 7″ touchscreen which plugs into a spare USB socket – no VGA/HDMI or power cables, just a single USB connection.


The main screen offers Mic Live , Traffic , Phone and Door status LEDs – the captions can be changed to suit your setup.  They are controlled via a contact-closure on a joystick input – see my USB Remote-Start Interface for a boxed hardware solution.

Routing of studio audio and split/slaves (for use with AdPlay and Bravo) will also be possible – the touchscreen interface makes it really easy to change the on-air status of your studio and any associated split/slave machines.