The uScreen product has evolved from a simple clock, GPIO status and audio monitor (borrowing elements from StudioScreen) into a sophisticated controller as part of the AdSplits project.  uScreen handles routing assignments for your studio audio as well as monitoring up to 5 of the splits under control.

Serial and IP commands are supported for the control system which allows engineers to “roll their own” hardware (Arduino, RaspberryPi etc) for audio switching.  The prototype hardware for this project was based around an Arduino MEGA and a 16-relay module for controlling studio audio to several transmitters.

This is my own “Windows” front-end designed for a small touchscreen display but there’s no reason why you can’t write the same application in Python for use on a RaspberryPi.  The protocols are documented in the AdSplits Help which means it’s up to you how yours ends up looking.

uScreen Studio and Split Routing Controller

A download of this application will be available in due course and be an additional purchase option to work with the AdSplits package.