AdLogGen Free
v1.32 - updated 26th September 2023
Advert/Commercial Playlist Manager

NOTE: This software is free - there is no support.

This free software allows you to create, manage and export advert logs to various playout systems - Schedules can be built via drag 'n' drop or loaded from M3U or another vendor via CSV/Tab text files.  New adverts can easily be added, re-arranged as well as break-markers and transmitter-codes defined.  This is NOT a scheduling program, but simply a playlist manager.

AdLogGen can be useful where you wish to edit/manage commercial running-orders away from your station or avoid the purchase of another costly scheduling licence from your existing traffic system.  It is also possible to schedule using a cheap program like StationPlaylist Creator, load the M3U into AdLogGen, and then export it to another format, such as EnocDAD, Myriad or mAirList.

Features of AdLogGen includes :


If you are updating from a previous copy, please take a moment to read the Release Notes which contains the latest changes/fixes.

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