DAC Cartwall FREE
v4.50 - updated 9th November 2023
Instant Audio Player for Sound FX, Drops, Beds etc

NOTE: This software is free - there is no support.

DAC Cartwall is completely free to use - and existing users of DAC Free can install this software to benefit from the extra features.  It's currently in use at over 2500 locations - from bedroom DJs, AM/FM broadcasters, college/university stations and even sports stadiums and theatres for "spot" FX.  If you are updating from a previous copy, please take a moment to read the Release Notes which contains the latest changes/fixes.

The feature-set of DAC offers :

DAC Cartwall is an easy-to-use jingle player that offers multiple pages of instant audio buttons (56 per page, 10 pages per set) ready for quick playback or loading into a dedicated player.  It's touch-screen friendly that works at a variety of screen resolutions.  It can read APE/ID3 file tags as well as the broadcast Cart Chunk format - allowing it to work seamlessly with an existing automation system's meta-data or your own domestic music player tags (Artist/Title/Genre are supported).

DAC Cartwall can be used to give presenters some flexibility to play there own audio from any visible (local or mapped) drive as well as portable memory storages such as SD cards and USB sticks.  The native resolution is 1024x768 making it perfect for a 15" touchscreen but the window is resizable to cater for larger resolutions.

Requirements :

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