A Free and Simple APE/ID3 and CartChunk File Tagger

NOTE: This software is free - there is no support.

uTag (pronounced micro-tag) is a free application for both music lovers and radio producers - it plays, tags and helps you manage the properties of your audio files.  You can tag using APE/ID3, Cart Chunk, FLAC, OGG and Myriad JMD formats...


uTag offers a simple to use PFL player that you can use to set cue points as well as a simple set of Track Attributes (Artist, Title, Year, Genre etc).  Unlike MyLibrary, this program has no "bulk change" support or any of the advanced playout export options - it simply tags a single file at a time with the ability to interface to most professional automation systems via Cart Chunk.

If you are updating from a previous copy, please take a moment to read the Release Notes which contains the latest changes/fixes.


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